Jays Camp

Weekly News

SAC Camp – Week 2


Message from Stacey & Rachel…

The second week was great! We have enjoyed spending time with all the girls and seeing them shine with all they do. Although we had some cold days this week, the girls continued to have a terrific time. Our week was finished off as we celebrated the 4th of July as an entire camp. Everybody was split into red, white, blue and silver and we spent the entire day playing games, doing relay races, and of course, having fun! We are looking forward to spending the rest of the summer with all of our wonderful girls!

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns – please call camp 847.438.2267 or Stacey 773.330.6430

Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend & holiday!! xxx

Ari’s Angels – SAC 2

Ari’s Angels had an incredible second week at Jays’s! We’re grateful to have Ariella join our group. She shined her light and happiness throughout every activity and showed off her skills at the tower! During classes, Adora worked hard and even scored a special part in the dance. Great job, Adora! Despite the cold, Matilda L. stayed positive and really got involved during drama with a fun game of telephone! Keep smiling, Matilda L.!!!

Val’s Violets – SAC 2

Although I was absent for a couple of days due to college orientation, according to Alyssa (JC), my group was well-behaved and managed to have fun while I was away. Alyssa was sure to tell me that Aarushi specifically was so well-mannered and behaved, way to go Aarushi! This week we were also able to participate in gymnastics. Without instruction, Bella was able to do an example when performing back walkovers. Awesome job Bella!! Can’t wait for next week and this great summer.

Kaleigh’s KooKoo Krocodiles – SAC 3

The second week of camp was great with my girls! Through the entire week Hannah remained to shine and spread happiness/positivity throughout camp and her fellow campers.  She finds the brightness in everything she does, even if it’s an activity she doesn’t care for, she screams for excitement to keep everyone pumped. GO HANNAH! Ellie’s passion for the arts doesn’t go unnoticed.  She is constantly carrying around her coloring book with numerous amounts of colors, her creativity doesn’t stop there, she spreads her colors onto everyone at camp.  WAY TO SHINE BRIGHT ELLIE. Kyla’s leadership carries our group far as making sure people are in line and ready to go. She has the ability to bring our group together in all events and makes sure everyone is having a blast, thanks for the insane cooperation Kyla, you’re a rockstar!

Vivian’s Valentines – SAC 3

Hello Campers! What a lovely week for Vivian’s Valentines! Katie O. really showed off her talent in classes this week acting in the play. Karina P. showed her love for the whole group by including everyone and being a great listener this week! Julia P. showed off her rock climbing skills this week on the tower, and showed the group much appreciation by sharing her harness with everyone so nicely! What a great second week for Vivian’s Valentines.

Amanda’s Pandas – SAC 4

How has it already been 2 weeks?! This summer is already starting to fly by!! This week has been super fun for the Panda’s!! All the girls are starting to get really into their classes! Sara K. is loving her art class and is really starting to pull her project together! You’re a natural, Sar! Addy R. had so much fun at gymnastics this week!! You’re so good Add, you should be going to Rio this summer for the olympics!! These past two weeks have been a blast and I cannot wait to see what’s in store next week! Have a great weekend and an awesome Fourth of July!! Much love!!!

Sam’s Sweethearts – SAC 4

Sam’s Sweethearts had another great week at camp! We were so excited to welcome a new camper to our group this week, Mya! Mya really impressed me this week with her skills in dodgeball! She proved to be quite the athlete – Great job Mya! Maeve G. also had a fun week when she went horseback riding on Wednesday. She got to ride a horse and also braid the horses hair. Our group overall had a great week enjoying a rain-free, warm week! I can’t wait to have another one here at Jays!!

Elana’s Elvis Elephants – SAC 5

What an awesome second week at camp! The Elvis Elephants are having so much fun! On Wednesday, while girls were waiting for the climb tower Claire S. and Jazmyn P. thought it would be a great idea to introduce a new game for everyone to play! It was amazing learning something new. Lillie S. is always so enthusiastic while at the climb tower, she gets everyone so excited to go! This week during leagues we play Nukum and Julia V. was the last one standing on Sam’s Sloths, while taking on 9 Amanda’s Avocados and ended up getting 4 girls out all by herself!! I was so proud! We’ve had an amazing second week of camp with these girls, can’t wait to have some more fun!

Rachelle’s Rabbits – SAC 5

The second week of camp for Rachelle’s Rabbits was a successful one. This week I got the opportunity to really see more personalities coming out of each girl. All week long, no matter what game we were playing Natalie always had a positive attitude. Whenever a person got out of a game she would give them a “good try” “you will get them next time” etc! It really keeps up the kids energy and makes the games better! This week I also got to see Lauren R’s strong leadership personality. She has been contributing ideas for mass program all week and loves to help putting things together. She includes everyone in the group and she sets good examples for the other girls. Finally, Samantha’s energy always gets me through the day! She never complains and has a great attitude towards everything. She gets excited about all the activities which really helps me as a counselor get more pumped about everything!

Nikki’s Nemos – SAC 6

It’s the second week of Jay’s, and Nikki’s Nemos are in full swing of camp. One of the girls’ favorite activities is the obstacle course, which includes two inflatables. This week, Maddy S. had a blast getting stuck to the velcro wall. In addition, Mia B. has been enjoying the Yearbook Club, and has been taking awesome pictures of all different activities all around camp. We’re all having so much fun, and are looking forward to Red, White, and Blue day on Friday in honor of the Fourth of July!!

Ali’s Angels – SAC 7/8

Ali’s Angels had a super second week! We’ve been having fun spending time together and getting into a routine with the different activities, clubs, sports, and classes. Dylan has emerged as a newcomb superstar, always playing with her friends before camp, in free moments, and with the group. She fearlessly dives to catch the ball and even sacrificed a nail to the game the other day! Ashley is an awesome group member in any activity. Her willingness to be flexible and to try new things is impressive and admirable. I appreciate you all! I’m looking forward to another great week with Ali’s Angels after the holiday weekend!

Sports Camp – Week 1

Message from Nick, Jesse, & Emily…

We are all so excited camp is underway. It is so great to see all the returning campers and meet all of our new campers! This first week absolutely flew by. There was a little bit of rain but a lot more sunshine. Our league play is underway as all our sport campers are eager to win a championship. Camp of the arts is absolutely thriving. It has more than doubled in size since the start! I hope everyone enjoyed this week as much as us and we’re so excited for our upcoming programs!
Nick, Jesse, and Emily


Message from Jesse & Alex from Camp of the Arts…

The summer got off to a great start for our Camp of the Arts boys! We had fun with Legos, model cars, a nature walk, and bowling! Josh D. and Alex S. led the way as we trekked through the back woods, and helped us unearth some really cool things. Way to go, guys! Jacob S. and Aidan V. began working on their parts in the camp’s production of “The Lion King”. We can’t wait to see the final product! As our group continues to grow, we are very are excited to see what the Summer has in store!

Jesse & Alex


Henry’s Little Giants – SC 2

The first week has started off great. It all started with climbing our rock wall with our expert in climbing Rocky Ryan. As soon as Dylan H. was strapped up he was off to the races to get to the top and ring the bell. He almost made it to the top on his first try but didn’t give up. He gave the wall a second try this time with the assistance from Ryan G. who helped point out the places to grab along the wall to guide him to the finish. With the encouragement from Ryan and the rest of the little giants, Dylan quickly made it to the top of the wall to ring the bell to let the entire camp know of his fantastic accomplishment. Later in the week all of the campers were met with a little adversity with a thunderstorm on Wednesday, but this didn’t stop the little giants from having fun. We loaded up onto the buses to take our first field trip to go bowling. Starting off slow Max S. quickly got the hang of bowling as he continually knocked down pin after pin eventually leading him to get his first strike of the day. As all ten pins fell to the ground all of the little giants cheered for him as they celebrated his phenomenal feat. He met his fellow giants in a great big hug to celebrate the fun day they all had bowling.


Brad’s Super Knights – SC 2

Brad’s Super Knights had a great week. Phillip made a great lego car in one of our club activities and it’s coming together nicely. We had tryouts this week for league teams, it was great to see what the kids can do in the different sports. Dylan A. had a great tryout for soccer, I’m really looking forward to seeing him improve his skills. We closed out the week with some great activities and I’m looking forward to week 2 with all my kids.


Dave’s Dominators – SC 3

The Dominators truly dominated the first week of Sports Camp. The start of the week consisted of tryouts for league teams. It was great to see the skills that the kids had in basketball, baseball, hockey, football, and soccer. It was also good to see what sports the kids will be able to improve on in the weeks to come. Max S. had an awesome day at the rock wall with our climbing instructor Rocky Ryan. Max was able to climb the hardest wall in under 90 seconds. Charlie G. was our best bowler getting a score above 120 while Matthew K. beat me, counselor Dave, in the tenth frame. With the first week coming to a close we are ready and look forward to having an even better second week.


Patrick’s Porcupine’s – SC 3

It was the first week of camp and all the camper got along really well. They all needed a little time to get used to the busy schedule, but adapted to it really well. During the first week of camp we had some people really stand out. First was Joey D; Joey showed off his dance moves and won a counselor’s challenge. Joey also displayed some excellent skill while the group played soccer. Next we had Dylan G; Dylan surprised the group when he beat everyone including the counselor in bowling. Dylan also exhibited great enthusiasm. He was cheered on everyone during bowling and made everyone in the group laugh. These were our two all-stars for the week, and we are looking forward to the coming weeks.


Zach’s Lightening Bolts – SC 3

What a start to Jays Camp for the lightning Bolts! The first few days were going to be different for me because I’ve never been a camp counselor but I quickly knew my group was the right one for me. The kids have energy all the time and are always looking to take on their mighty counselor in anything they can think of even if that means a race back to our table or all of them vs me in tether ball. Monday mainly consisted of getting to know each other and the activities we will be doing all summer and on Tuesday we went to art where I saw Ethan C. make an awesome and colorful bat while being super energetic. He was even wearing pants and a sweatshirt in 90 degree weather! Wednesday it began to rain so we traveled to Brunswick where Caleb S. almost beat me! Caleb shows great energy in anything we do but there is nothing he loves more than gameworld where he will defeat any challenger in any game there!


Elijah’s Fancy Unicorns – SC 4

The first week at Jay’s 2016 went flawlessly for my group. Everyone got along perfectly and participated in all the activities with smiles on their faces. I had two campers in particular that stood out this week: Jimmy B. and Tony R. Jimmy really showed off his amazing hockey skills with scoring the most amount of goals in the group this week. In addition, he is always up to do anything at this camp and puts forth much effort with anything he does. Tony R. really showed his amazing basketball skills this week making 3 pointers left and right. He even made a couple half court shots! Tony, this week, has overall been absolutely amazing to have in the group as well. He’s helpful, polite, and of course loves playing sports. This week was a great way to start off camp and I can only hope that the next seven weeks can run as smoothly.


Tyler K’s Thunder – SC 4

The first week of camp went great for everyone in Tyler K’s group this week. We were all very excited to start camp and have fun and meet new friends. Everyone was especially excited to swim Monday when the temperature exceeded 90 degrees. Wednesday, before the weather took a turn for the worse Teddy C. was absolutely dominant at Spaceball, scoring on almost every throw he made! Noah K. during drama Tuesday morning had everyone laughing extremely hard during his turn as the night guard when we played “Night at the Museum.” Wednesday after the weather took a turn and the rain started in, the camp went to the bowling alley for the rest of the day. During bowling Aiden H. started out of the gate strong with 2 strikes in a row!


Jack’s Pink Fluffy Cheeseburgers – SC 5

What a great first week of camp! The kids are having a blast on their new leagues teams. Ethan C. made some great catches when we played football Tuesday. On Wednesday it was raining so we all went bowling. Mathew P. bowled a 109. Next time he should take off the bumpers! One of the games we played this week was newcomb. Dylan K. w as making diving catches left and right. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of summer with this great group of kids.


Tyler R’s Terrific T-Rex’s – SC 5

The first week of camp got off to a great start! We’ve enjoyed our time together and really have gotten to know each and every person in our group. One thing that really came to notice was Connor W. baseball talents. In just our first softball game Connor had at least 4 hits deep in the outfield, making it look effortless. We should bring a cubs scout to camp to watch him hit homers. When Volleyball came onto our schedule we really saw Connor P. shine. We played elimination newcomb and Connor must of gotten at least 5 people out with his strong throws and one handed catches. Even when our team was outnumbered Connor kept the team spirit alive and gave his best showing. Later on in the week we had the chance to go to the bowling alley due to rain in camp, and we saw Adrian V. rack up the strikes. Not only did he shock everyone with his bowling excellence, he had the highest score in his lane beating everyone including myself.


Charlie’s Angels – SC 6/7

To kick off the summer the new superstar Niko F. storms fantasy field with 3 huge bombs to dead center field. Let me tell you first hand that I’ve never seen someone swing the bat so elegantly like Niko has done. Next up in this weeks scouting report Ramsey E. made the most beautiful plays in the infield I think this camp has ever seen. The way he snagged the ball straight from the grass and gunned it to first the runner had no idea what hit him. Ramsey is going to be a huge competitor in the game of softball this year, competition better watch out. Lastly in this weeks scouting report Jack. A made outstanding grabs in the football game. This amazing kid has some great talent with the way his hands act as glue and everything that’s thrown at him is immediately caught. This year is going to be run by the era of athletes and all those who challenge these 3 kids better watch out.

SAC Camp – Week 1

Message from Stacey & Rachel…

We are so excited that the summer is here! The girls have happily started 2016 in SAC Camp with their the best group names! We chose classes and clubs this week- everyone is off to a great start! We finished the week with Disney Day…the girls made costumes, props, performed dances, sang songs and much more. It was an awesome day!
We have wonderful things planned for next week!!

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns- please call camp 847.438.2267 or Stacey 773.330.6430

Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend xxx


Ari’s Angels – SAC 2

Ari’s Angels had a great first week! Matilda B. rocked it at the tower and made it all the way to the top of the rock climbing wall! Avery had a blast going to gymnastics and showed off her perfect cartwheel. Great job Avery! Despite the rain Marni had her eyes hooked on Inside Out during our field trip to Brunswick! Great week Angels! Can’t wait for the fun to continue!!


Val’s Violets – SAC 2

Val’s Violets first week of camp has been an absolute blast! My campers have been well-behaved, funny, and manage to put a smile on my face everyday. This week we participated in a bunch of things like Dance Class, Drama, Art, and even Clubs. The first week of camp can be a little hectic, but Isabel has been able to move past bus difficulties and being late to camp twice very well. Despite the rain, we were still able to have a good time this week. When we went to Brunswick, we played a game of bowling and watched Inside Out. Teryn got a spare on her first turn, then proceeded to get a STRIKE on her second. Way to go Teryn! This week has me looking forward to the upcoming session at Jay’s. I am so excited.


Kaleigh’s KooKoo Krocodiles – SAC 3

The first week of camp has been a blast so far!! This week at the rock climbing tower, Sienna figured heights and climbing wouldn’t be her expertise, but she was determined to try, and even though she came down quickly her first attempt, she didn’t fail to try again, and then again. She ended up to enjoy the activity of rock climbing and at least climbing up 4 times. She had insane courage this week, way to go Sienna! Josie was super talented at basketball this week. She has incredible speed on the court, and constant effort that makes it undeniable that she will get it in the hoop every time, her athleticism takes her far in basketball, and other sports too, awesome job this week Josie! This week started off slow when forgetting her goggles and making level red, but she decided she wouldn’t settle since her confidence made her believe she should be retested, later in the week she came back to prove she could be at a higher level and with her goggles she made it to level white 4, awesome determination in the first week Daniela. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the summer!


Vivian’s Valentine’s – SAC 3

Hello and welcome back to Jay’s Camp!!! It’s been a great start to the summer this week at Jay’s we had a lot of fun filled activities. All of Vivian’s Valentines really shared the love this week! Lia D. was an Allstar during our field trip to Brunswick. Taylor W. showed off how flexible she really is during gymnastics! Haia P. did a really good job of welcoming everyone back to camp and giving everyone the best hellos and welcoming all the new campers with open arms. Josie L. showed me how kind and generous she is because of all the sunflowers she shared with all the girls in our group this week. What a great first week of camp and I cannot wait to see what the rest of summer has in store for us 🙂


Amanda’s Panda’s – SAC 4

I can’t believe this summer is finally here! I am so fortunate to have my same girls form last year and Ic wouldn’t be more excited to spend yet another summer with them!! This first week was a blast!! Hallie M. was a monkey on the climbing tower and rang that bell loud and proud. Awesome job Hal! Morgan C. was a bowling pro Wednesday on our field trip away from the rain. She nearly got a strike or spare every time she bowled!! Amazing job Morg! I can’t believe the first week is over but I’m so excited for the rest of the summer!!


Sam’s Sweethearts – SAC 4

What a great start to Summer 2016 here at Jay’s camp!! Our group has decided to name ourselves Sam’s Sweethearts, which I would say is very fitting since all my girls have been so awesome so far! We celebrated Aden’s birthday on the same day we took a trip to the bowling alley! At the bowling alley, Ava had an awesome bowling score of over 100 points! Way to go Ava! Sami also had a great week with sports! She scored a touchdown during a football game with the boys in sports camp! – Great job Sami! After such an awesome week, I can’t wait for more to come!


Elana’s Elvis Elephants – SAC 5

What a spectacular first of camp! We named our group Elana’s Elvis Elephants!! Monday we started our classes and Izzie B. and Calleigh S. decided to do something different then dance and went with Gymnastics. On Tuesday we went bowling due to the bad weather and Grace O. bowled a Turkey it was so awesome!! Before we went bowling we got to an activity and Ella D. said she was too scared to climb the wall, but she faced her fear and climbed all the way up!! I can’t wait to see what next week offers with my Elvis Elephants.


Rachelle’s Rabbits – SAC 5

I really enjoyed meeting all of my campers and continuing learning little things about them. On Wednesday after many tries, Jaden finally made it to the top of the climbing tower for the very first time. She said she has been at Jay’s for a while now and this was the very first time she made it to the top. She was stuck on the wall for a long time and kept on falling but she never gave up which really showed her determination! I loved getting to see how happy she was when she rang the bell and finally got to say that she made it to the top! On Thursday I was absolutely blown away by Elizabeth at bowling. She beat the rest of the group by an outstanding number and got two strikes in one game! Throughout the week I was very impressed by Morgan and Ashley. This is their first year at Jay’s camp and both of them were very open, friendly, and willing to meet new people! A lot of campers are very shy and don’t make many friends when they are introduced to a new environment but the fact that all the other girls knew each other except them and still contributed to the group really showed their character! My first week here at Jay’s camp was better than I could have thought and I am very excited for what the rest of the summer has in store for me and my group!


Nikki’s Nemos – SAC 6

This was the first week of camp this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce our group name this year: Nikki’s Nemos!! We’ve spend this week getting to know everyone in our group and getting in the swing of camp. Erin K. Is new to Jay’s this year and has been learning all of our traditional songs and activities. We made tie-dye paintings in art class, and her rainbow design looked awesome. Melania B. tested for swim the first time and made it into the Junior Lifeguard level!! Great job Melania! We learned a dance routine to One Dance by Drake, and Anett V. rocked it with her awesome hip hop moves! We’ve also played a lot of Newcomb this week, Madi J’s favorite volleyball game! She’s always willing to start a game with friends and help the new girls out. We all had so much fun this week, and I can’t wait to see what else Jay’s Camp has in store for us the rest of the summer!


Ali’s Angels – SAC 7/8

We’ve had an awesome first week at camp! My favorite thing from the week was when the girls showed me the tree house during free choice and we played hide-and-go-seek in the woods. I have a mix of long-time and new campers and they’re doing an amazing job of being kind to each other and showing the newer girls around. We’re all enjoying the different classes, clubs, and activities. Olivia has been showing off her masterful dance and gymnastics skills throughout the week (She can hold a handstand longer than anybody I know!) and Grace, aka Bacon, was working a very creative masquerade mask in our pottery class on Tuesday! I’m really looking forward to getting to know everybody better in the coming weeks! Overall great start to the first session!

ICA – Week 1

Message from Stephanie…

I can’t believe the first week of camp is over! This week was filled with a bunch of fun activities. For mass program the campers had a blast during Disney Day. They were able to make Disney themed crafts and helped Dory find all of her friends on a hunt around camp. Even though it rained it didn’t stop the campers from enjoying the day! We got to stay nice and dry while relaxing to a movie, reading a story, and making some pretty awesome monsters. Next we get ready for the 4th of July day program! I hope everyone has a great weekend and rests up because we have another exciting week of Jay’s ahead. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at jayscampdaycamp@gmail.com or call camp at (847)-438-2267.


Alec’s Power Team Campers

It was great first week at Jays camp for Alec’s group! We started off strong playing hockey on Monday and the kids were great. Louie R. played like a champ and scored a great goal to help out his team. We also played a great game of kickball on Wednesday and our group was amazing! Jason T. hit a bomb and knocked in a couple runs to lead his team to victory! Well, this was a great week and I can’t wait for more fun times at Jays!


Josh’s Hot Wheels

What a great first week the Hot Wheels had. This week was full of fun activities. Sports camp and SAC Camp went away for a field trip on Wednesday so our unit had the whole camp to ourselves. In celebration we watched the movie Zootopia and read the story I Need my Monster. Also during this week, the boys played hockey and in doing so Ethan N. scored the winning goal to bring his team to victory! Way to go Ethan! During kickball, Tommy P. stood up to the plate with no doubt in his mind that he would hit a home run. Sure enough he did and hit the ball further than any other member of our group. Keep up the good work Tommy! All in all, the Hot Wheels had a fantastic week and I am looking forward to an enjoyable year!


Morgan’s Candy Girls

Summer is here!! What a great first week of camp the Candy Girls had! It was packed with so many fun activities! This week the girls went to art where Logyn K. created an amazing snail! It was just cool Logyn! You definitely are a great artist! When the girls were at swim this week, Leah G. passed from a yellow to a green! Way to go Leah! I am so proud of you! During free swim, Ashley W. went down the slide so many times! She had so much fun! I’m so glad you had an awesome time during free swim! I can not believe the first week of camp is over! I hope the Candy Girls had an amazing week like I did! Rest up girls! We have a lot more fun activities planned for the rest of camp! Have an amazing weekend!!