Jays Camp

Tween – CIT Leadership

For 5th – 9th Grade Boys and Girls

Jay's Camp | Tweens / CIT Leadership Training

***Camper Orientation for this program is June 16th, 7pm – 8pm***

The Tween-CIT program is designed to meet the needs of the older camper.  Anyone signed up for this program will have fun every week going on trips to water parks, entertainment centers, Gameworks, Dave and Busters, Action Territory, bowling, cook outs, movies and much more.  They will also have the opportunity to work as a counselor in training with a group at the pool or in one of the specialty areas (gymnastics, pottery, art, drama etc) under the supervision of one of our counselors.  They will get to learn how the programs work and how they can take an active part in developing experience in that activity.  The Tween-CIT program will give the older camper a well rounded, action packed summer that is fun and shows them how exciting being a counselor can be!

We at Jay’s understand that every child is an individual that has their own needs.  We will work with each camper to develop a day camp program to meet these needs.  For example, if a camper likes sports but not enough to spend an their entire time in sports camp, they can choose the programs and activities they would like to do so that they have fun all summer.


Contact Jay’s Camp at 847.438.2267 today to build amazing summer adventures for your kids!

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