Jays Camp


Sports Camp – Week 8

Eleanor’s Sports Camp Girls

Though I’m sad camp has come to an end, we had an amazing last week! It was filled with fun activities such as American gladiator, carnival, and a trip to libertyville sports complex. Mia B did amazing in American gladiator! She was so aggressive and dominated in every station. In my station she zoomed passed me and scored every time. Madi J had an amazing week as well. During instructional swim she has the privilege of teaching her own swim group and she’s been doing so well that the unit head of swim came up to her and told her how proud she was of her and how she was going to tell her parents how impressed she is with her. And last but definitely not least, Sami J was amazing per usual. Her leagues team was in the playoffs for football and she scored a touchdown! It was such a good touchdown and she helped the team so much! I had such an amazing 4 weeks here at Jays camp and I am honored to have met such amazing girls. I hope everyone has an amazing school year!

Camp of the Arts

Where did the time go? Every summer I’m blown away by how short eight weeks is. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly two months since I met you all. Being my first year as sports camp unit head and camp of the arts director, I had no idea what to expect. I just want to thank everyone who was a part of camp of the arts for an awesome summer and a great experience. Kyle A. earned the praise of the whole group as he found some of the coolest frogs we’ve seen all summer. Way to go Kyle! Closing out the session, we welcomed three new campers: Aaron M., Alex M., and Nathan K. were welcome additions to the group, helping build a cardboard boat and having fun at the tree house. I hope you three enjoyed your time in c.o.a.
I want to take the time to wish each and every one of the coa boys good luck in the upcoming school year. You’re great kids and I’d be thrilled to see you next summer! Stay cool and creative!
Signing out…

Henry’s Little Giants – SC 2

It’s a sad farewell this week as the Giants finish up the last week of camp. These past 8 weeks have been such a great experience for not only all of the campers but also all of the staff. Little Jerry Z was such a compassionate friend to all of the new campers who came to bring a friend day. With all of the new campers being nervous for what their first day at jay’s Camp would be like Jerry was right there to lend a guiding hand. All of the kids have done amazing things this summer and there are to many stories to tell in one newsletter. Every last kid has made some sort of impact on all of the jay’s Camp staff that has positively changed each one of us. I wish all of the little giants good luck as the begin 2nd grade and I hope they return to camp next year to make more great memories. 

 Brad’s Super Knights – SC 2
I’m sad to say it’s the final week at Jay’s. I had so much fun with all my Super Knights and made memories I’ll never forget. Caleb was always providing humor which helped the group chemistry. I’ll miss Alex’s crazy dance moves that no one can compete with. I’ll definitely miss so many things about my campers and it’s hard to say goodbye…. But I really hope they have a great transition into 2nd grade and come back next year to camp so we can make more happy memories. Thanks so much Super Knights! You all made my summer great.

Dave’s Dominators – SC 3

The final week of Jays was a great success. It was full of league championships, American Gladiator, and a Carnival. All the kids showed their competitive edges during leagues championships. Dillion N. And Matthew R. played in at least two of the five championships. Neal A. and Aydyn L. demonstrated their strengths in American Gladiator and even got a good smack on me during the jousting tournament. Zach did a great job of dunking Counselor Charlie in the dunk tank. I enjoyed every second of Jays camp with all the kids and I have to say thank you for having such nice, respectful, and fun kids.

Patrick’s Porcupines – SC 3

It’s the last week of camp! Time flew by, but this was the best week yet. Campers enjoyed AmericanNinja  Warrior, American Gladiator, and a bunch leagues. The first camper who stood out was Daniel K. Daniel showed off his inner ninja and recorded the fastest time for second and third graders! Daniel received a trophy and a bunch of bragging rights from the huge win. Next camper who showed off some awesome athleticism was Dylan G. Dylan dominated a leagues soccer game. He scored a hat trick. The hat trick secured his team a spot in the finals! As camp wraps up everyone is trying to enjoy the last days.

 Zach’s Lightening Bolts – SC 3

Elijah’s Fancy Unicorns  – SC 4

Week 8 at Jays was easily the best week of camp! Everyone was so excited to do everything that the camp has to offer! A couple campers stood out to me this week. One of which is Eric Z. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Eric not smiling. Also, he is always extremely excited for any activity we have on our schedule! Another few campers, Logan S and Ryan H were extremely energetic with every thing we did bringing so much excitement to the group! Two final kids, Ashton H and Chase H, were so well behaved. They picked up so much garbage all week and were overall great assets to the group. Week 8 was so much fun and a great way to close out the summer! I only hope that next year can be as successful as this year! Thanks for a great summer!

Tyler K’s thunder – SC 4

It was our last week of camp this week, but the disappointment of that didn’t bring down our spirits as we still had a very fun week. Monday on the mini golf course Nathan S got 3 hole-in-ones in a row!!! A feat that nobody else could match. Meanwhile, Calvin H passed his swimming test and got moved up to the next class. Way to go buddy! I want to say thanks to all my campers from this year, it was my first year at Jays and the kids in the group really helped to make it a spectacular year. I hope everyone has a great summer and I look forward to seeing you all next year!!!

Jack’s Pink Fluffy Cheeseburgers – SC 5

What a fantastic way to end a great year! We finished our leagues playoffs and Dylan E was phenomenal! He was a huge part in his teams two championship victories. Another great contributed to a playoff team was Bryce D. He was a huge part in his teams victory in the super bowl! Another standout player I noticed was Brandon E. He was a threat to score every time he had the ball in soccer. I’m so upset my time with this great group of boys is over and hopefully I am able to have some of them next summer!

Tyler R’s Terrific T-Rex’s – SC 5

Week 8 was one of the best weeks we’ve had at Jays. It’s so sad to see all of the friendly faces go, but looking back it’s been a great summer. This week we participated in the American Gladiator challenge, a series of stations in which we give kids challenges while counsellors try to get them out. The most fun was the dodgeball station where campers had to run through obstacles while avoiding dodgeballs and reaching the end where they drop a ball in the bin. Our group stood out as a very fast group, hard to keep up with. Later in the week on Wednesday was carnival day, my personal favorite day. I worked the Pie station in which campers throw whip cream on a plate at counsellors trying to hit them. I unfortunately took about 6 fastballs from Brandon S, but nevertheless it was a blast. It’s very sad to say goodbye to everyone and all of our new friends we’ve met this summer. But we can’t wait to see you again next year!

Charlie’s Angels – SC 6/7

In the last week of the Espn scouting report Ramsey made his first appearance in quite some time on the basketball court. He dribbled the ball all around these kids and made it seem so easy to just lay it right into the basket. I’ve never quite seen one kid take on 5 people at the same time and still be able to get the bucket. If I was team USA I would have my eyes focused on this kid for the future because he is out of this world amazing. Next up is Liam C, Liam has been quite on during his time of playing softball and yesterday was definitely a top 10 play. A ball was drilled right at Liam and he laid out,
knocked it down and then continued to make the play and get the guy out. I’ve never quite seen someone so agile and quick as Liam and I think the MLB needs to open its eyes for another top prospect. Another kid who shook up this weeks Espn scouting report was Nathan. Nathan tore up the side line during football after catching a pass. His speed was off the charts and he out ran everyone in his path it was ridiculous! Lastly on the scouting report is Alex W. This kid has been amazing at all sports all year but yesterday was definitely his top highlight. Bottom of the inning 2 outs and no men on. Alex absolutely destroys the ball to win the game and win the World Series! His team went nuts and were in awe of how good he truly was.

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