Jays Camp


Sports Camp – Week 7


Eleanor’s Sports Camp Girls

The 7th week of camp has been absolutely amazing! It’s going by so quick! American ninja warrior added a little fun to the second to last week. Rachel S. really amazed me during American ninja warrior. She got the best time out of both girls and boys! Watching her race gave me so much pride in my awesome/athletic group of girls! Allie T. also had an awesome week at camp! We got the opportunity to play basketball against the boys and she creamed them. She has some serious skills and is truly an awesome basketball player. I’m so sad camp is coming to an end but I am so excited to see what the last week brings!

Camp of the Arts

Bouncing back from Olympics can be a challenge, but the c.o.a. boys proved up to the task. With just one week left of camp, I’m trying to take in all the memories, and I hope the guys are doing the same! This week, Gabe H. was dominant at the Bumper Pool table in gameworld, showing it’s not just a sports camp phenomenon. Way to go, Gabe. Aidan V. wowed the group with his speed and agility, racing up the climbing tower. Great job, buddy! I’d love time to slow down, but at least it means we’re having a great time. Until next time…

Henry’s Little Giants – SC 2

This week the little giants welcomed a new giant to the group. Brandon H jumped right into all of the activities and excelled at gymnastics. He not only won the weekly jump the river competition but also held a plank for a ridiculous 8 minutes and 30 seconds. On Wednesday we had our annual American Ninja Warrior course. Arya V took off scaling the walls and sliding under all of the bars while Justin K climbed up and down the rope wall without falling into the water below. It has been an amazing summer and I can’t wait to spend every last moment with everyone for as long as I can.

Brad’s Super Knights – SC 2

We’re having a great 7th week here at Jay’s Camp! I’m sad to say we only have a week left, but we’re enjoying it while it lasts. So for this week all the campers participated in America Ninja Warrior Week, they were crawling under obstacles, swinging across ropes, and running through obstacles to get the best time. We also did our playoffs for leagues. Henry made some great catches and a few touchdowns in football. He also ran past all the other campers, I’ve never seen him run so fast. Good job Henry!! Ilan isn’t on my leagues team anymore but I heard that he’s been dominating the playoffs and his team recently won the NBA Championship, way to go Ilan! I’m really hoping that our last week will go great before we all have to say our goodbyes.

Dave’s Dominators – SC 3

Jays Camp has flown by. With only one week left I can honestly say all the kids have improved greatly in the sports we have played through out. Matthew R. and Dillon N. continue to show their skills in hockey. Neal A. played really well for his team in football and Max S showed off his soccer skills. We will wrap up Jays camp with fun activities, championships, and a gladiator challenge

Patrick’s Porcupines – SC 3

It’s the seventh week of camp and this week could be the most exciting week yet. There was so many fun things to do like American Ninja Warrior and league playoffs. One camper who really stood out was Dylan G. Dylan really stood out during the league playoff games. He played exceptionally well in both baseball and hockey! Camp is wrapping up into its last week and all the campers are trying to imprint their fame in jays camp history.

Zach’s Lightening Bolts – SC 3

As we approach the final week of camp, the Lightning Bolts have more energy than ever trying to have the most fun possible. On Monday, we played a round of mini golf followed by visiting Rocky Ryan at the climbing tower, then having fun doing the obstacle course. On Tuesday, we started with tether ball and then played leagues where Jordan L. led my team to the NBA finals scoring 16 of my teams 20 points! Although we would end up losing in the championship, my leagues team never gave up even when our team was outnumbered by 5! On Wednesday, we did Jays American Ninja Warrior which consisted of many different running, climbing and jumping events. The kids loved doing this activity to see who can’t get the fastest time! On Thursday we played more leagues and lost in the Semi-finals to Dave’s team where Austin M. scored a hat-trick against me to lead his hockey team to the Stanley Cup Finals!
 Elijah’s Fancy Unicorns  – SC 4

Week 7 was one of my favorite of the summer so far! The highlight of the week definitely has to be the Jay’s American Ninja Warrior. Everyone in the entire camp had a blast running through the course as fast as possible! I wish there could an activity just like this one every week! In addition, a couple campers in my group stood out from the crowd this week. Two of these three campers are brothers David and Thomas S. Both of them showed off their overall athleticism dominating in every sport we played. David was able to defend in football like I’ve never seen having multiple interceptions in one game. He also dominated in knock out basketball. Thomas was just as impressive. He was almost impossible to guard in football scoring touchdowns often. Also, he seems to dominate in every other sport especially seen in baseball. Way to go to both of them! One more camper, Zach H, also was a very standout camper this week. He also seemed to dominate in leagues as well helping my team do very well overall this week. He is always a huge help and will always listen to any instructions perfectly! Great week Zach! Overall, this week was run very well mixing in the regular schedule, American Ninja Warrior course, and crazy Olympics. I hope that the 8th and final week can close out camp with an extremely entertaining just like this one was.

Tyler K’s thunder – SC 4

This week during leagues play Elliot D made a handful of nice catches on the football field, almost leading his team to an upset victory. Max A during soccer showed some fancy footwork and made quite a few amazing plays on the field. Aiden H moved up a level in swim from red to blue and we all couldn’t be more proud of him. Roman B during American Ninja Warrior sped through the course with lighting speed, and refused to give up when things got tough during the course.

Jack’s Pink Fluffy Cheeseburgers – SC 5

This has been a crazy seventh week of camp capped off by our crazy olympics! Matthew P. won our Oreo challenge where an Oreo is placed on top of the head and they need to slide it down into their mouths without using their hands. He did it way faster than all the campers! We also continued our leagues season where Zach G. was very competitive in the playoffs. He was saving shots left and right in hockey and had lockdown defense. Another standout start I noticed was Justin C. His baseball skills have improved drastically and he was a key part in his teams success. I am very sad that I only have one week left with these amazing boys and I hope I can make our last week a great one!

Tyler R’s Terrific T-Rex’s – SC 5

As we wrap up the final 2 weeks of camp we’ve had a full action packed week. One very special thing we do at jays camp is the American ninja warrior contest. Kids go through several obstacles and are timed in an adventurous race. The fastest time in our group went to speedy Jack S, as he finished with a time close to 2 minutes. Just missing the fastest time in camp. The campers really loved American Ninja warrior and we had a blast with it. This week was also league playoff week, and my team had the chance to play in the super bowl vs Nick. Michael V played some of the best defense I’ve ever seen and locked his man down. He also had a 20 yard catch and ran it all the way to the front of the end zone. It was a truly great performance as he helped push our team to win the championship. In a playoff game to push his team to the World Series Blake W. Led his team with a pair of hr’s. He hit the ball to dead center twice, cruising it way over the fence. A true power hitter Blake is a fun baseball player to watch, and have on your team.

Charlie’s Angels – SC 6/7

In week 7 of this Espn top scouting report Jack A. comes up huge during the playoffs. I’ve never quite seen a kid like this literally run from across to field to make a one handed interception and win the game for his team. The Titans and bears have been calling me all day asking if they can come scout him at camp because of just how unbelievable he is. Also in this weeks Espn top scouting report is Brian S. This kid is literally a machine in the pool with how fast he moves and how quickly he can glide throughout the pool and just dominate his competition.

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