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Sports Camp – Week 6


Eleanor’s Sports Camp Girls

My second week here at Jays camp was amazing! I got to get to know the girls a little better and I’m loving it! The olympics were the perfect way to spice up my second week. Josie H amazed me the first day of Olympics as she raced in the 50 yard dash with all boys and won! From the second she took off I knew she had it in the bag because she was a good 5 feet ahead of her opponents. It was so awesome to see her bring home the gold for our team (Kenya). Lauren R also took home a gold medal this week  in the gymnastics section of the olympics. During her routine she was so graceful and I loved to watch her. The way her body was moving seemed almost impossible to me! I’m so proud of all my girls and all they have accomplished this week during the olympics.

Camp of the Arts

It’s week 6 and the summer continues to fly by. With Jay’s Olympics over, we still have Crazy Olympics and Carnival to look forward to! First of all, I want to thank the c.o.a. boys on behalf of the rest of the camp for helping tie-dye Olympic t-shirts. Nathan R. was a particularly huge help! Thanks guys. Nikita C. had a blast making all sorts of cool things with Legos. The kid’s got talent! Philip S. showed that Nikita isn’t the only one with architectural abilities, making some awesome sculptures in Pottery. Way to go, buddy! Matt K. put the cherry on top of a great week, making us all proud by earning his country a top three finish in one of the Olympic races. Congrats, Matt! How is it possible we only have two weeks left? Keep it up, boys!

Henry’s Little Giants – SC 2

This week the little giants had to say goodbye Landon W as he finished up his final days of camp. He has been a great camper and an even better friend to all of the campers. He was always willing to do whatever I asked of him whether it was to clean up some garbage from the floor or dance in front of the group he was a camper that will be missed in the final weeks. This week we also started the Olympics with campers representing different countries from around the world. Dylan H was excited as ever as he took on any event he was up against. During the races he was the first one to volunteer to run. He would try his hardest to throw the fathers or jump the highest all to get his team those extra points to try and win it all.

Brad’s Super Knights – SC 2

Things have changed a little bit at camp because week 6 is Olympic week for the campers. So far we’ve had running, basketball, and throwing competitions. Isaac has helped my team (Brazil) a lot so far by speeding past his competitors and landing us at second place in a 100m dash. Great job Isaac! Ilan helped his team out in the basketball competition by draining some shots and helping his team win, looks like we have the next Michael Jordan at camp! I’m really excited to see how everyone does in the upcoming events and I’m proud of all my campers to see them competing so hard. Go Super Knights!

Dave’s Dominators – SC 3

Olympics week came and went in exciting fashion. All three units were brought together and placed into countries to compete in Olympic style events. The excitement as kicked off with our opening ceremonies where Jay came in on a fire truck holding a torch. With the olympics there was a different schedule all week but that didn’t stop sports camp from getting in as much league play as possible. Dillon N. played goalie in soccer and stopped the majority of shots taken on him. Neal A. helped bring his team to a victory in basketball scoring multiple baskets. With two weeks to go we hope to have more excitement in leagues!

Patrick’s Porcupines – SC 3

Its the sixth week of camp and that means Olympics! All the young athletes are giving it their all for their country. One person you gave it their all was Andrew H. Andrew gave it his all in a game of doge ball. He dodged and threw his hardest to help his team with the game. The next young athlete who stood out was Joey D. Joey stood out during the olympics. Instead of doing a running event Joey decided to do the walking marathon. Joey ended up getting first place and he continues to get points for his country. As the olympics wrap up campers look forward to the fun in the weeks to come.

Zach’s Lightening Bolts – SC 3

The Olympics have started here at Jays Camp and what a great week to have them! The weather is beautiful and I am lucky to be in charge of Team USA. On Monday, we met with our Olympics teams and made chants and a poster to represent our country. On Tuesday, we started the Olympics with running events where Sam R. took home a gold medal by winning the 100M race! On Wednesday, we had the field events which included discus, throw for accuracy, throw for distance and javelin throw. Team USA held their own in each event placing in all the events! Also, Caden S. and Cole D. beat the planking record previously set by Cole’s sister with a time of 11 minutes and 46 seconds!

Elijah’s Fancy Unicorns  – SC 4

Week 6 at Jays ran just as great if better than week 5 this summer with a very successful Jay’s Olympics coming to a close. This week, the campers seemed to have so much energy with absolutely everything done at camp. In addition, a couple campers this week really stood out from the crowd. One of those campers was Blake G. Throughout the week, he was so  excited for every activity including specials! He also showed me how athletic he really can be in every sport played in leagues! Way to go Blake! One other camper, Andrew W, also seems extra excited for everything as well, especially places like pottery and gymnastics. He was a perfect listener and overall a very amazing camper! I’m so glad I was able to have both these campers in my group this summer! With week 6 over and week 7 starting, we are approaching the last couple weeks if the summer. Hopefully this summer can close out as

well as the summer had started.

Tyler K’s thunder – SC 4

Week 6 is going very well for the Thunder. We started our camp Olympics this week and everyone is feeling very excited. During our Olympic events Wednesday Dan L won the shot put for his age group. Zach B in gameworld went on a tear on the air hockey table, winning 5 games in a row. Noah K during gymnastics absolutely refused to give up during the plank challenge, coming just short of winning, but staying in as long as he could and being very competitive and tough. Jack M during leagues rocketed a double to center field and legged it out, just beating the throw and ending up safe.

Jack’s Pink Fluffy Cheeseburgers – SC 5

This week we had our annual Jay’s camp olympics and the kids had a blast. One of the events we played was newcomb and Mathew P was outstanding. He almost lead his country to victory with some outstanding catches. Another event we did was the 21 basketball tournament. Caden N was an important part to his country winning the gold. He was automatic with his shots! We also continued our leagues seasons which has gotten very competitive. We played football Thursday and Bryce D made the most amazing interception I’ve ever seen! We have a lot of fun activities planned for the last two weeks of camp and I couldn’t be more excited.

Tyler R’s Terrific T-Rex’s – SC 5

Week 6 we began one of the most fun weeks in camp, the Olympics. We started off painting our sign, cheering for our country, and then eventually doing group contests to win points for your country . One camper that really took his country to the next level was Brandon S. he ran the 200m run for 4 & 5th graders and won for his country. He has an excellent jump when the whistle blew and kept his lead through the finish line. Later in the week during a game of leagues in the morning, my team had the chance to play Elijah’s team in football. Veer P stood out as an excellent wide receiver always open to gain 5-10 yards. He ran some nice routes always getting open and getting long yards for his team. The game ended in a tie but Veers short passing strategy helped his team get into scoring position 4 times. Overall it’s been an excellent week as we head into the closing Olympic ceremonies.

Charlie’s Angels – SC 6/7

In this weeks ESPN scouting report Zach M is a top prospect due to the way his wrist shot just rockets through the defense. I have never seen anything quite like it in my life. Everytime he fires the puck the goalie runs out of the next because they are so afraid of taking that rocket head on. Lastly in this weeks scouting report Brandon S went crazy and hit 6 dingers right over the fantasy field fence. Seriously the MLB has never seen anything like this kid before the way he strokes his bat and just automatically wicks it over the fence. If you ask me this is a new dawn of athletes.

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