Jays Camp


Sports Camp – Week 4


Message from Jay…

Where have the four weeks gone. It seems like yesterday when our wonderful and special campers first arrived at Jays. It has been a great few weeks filled with fun, sun, new friends, and most important, happy smiles from all of our special campers! Each and every year for the past 30 years I look forward to the first day of camp. If I could I would be everyones counselor. I will as always be at my special table to play a game with a camper or a group of campers and give them special little gifts to make them happy! Now the second four weeks will start next week. For all of you that are staying get ready for many exciting programs like Jays America Ninja Warrior, American Gladiator, Carnival, Olympics, Crazy Olympics, clubs, classes, interest groups, & more! For those that are leaving I hope you had a great time at Jay’s and you return next year and most important have a safe, healthy, and productive school year for you, your family, and friends. Please look for a special flyer sometime in mid August that will enable you to receive incredible discounts as well as free weeks for next year. 

Until then, I will miss all of you.



Message from Jesse & Alex from Camp of the Arts…

Four weeks down, four weeks to go. We’re halfway through the summer, and as our numbers shrink, we’re gonna continue to have a great time! Oliver N. was a champ at horseback riding this week, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next time. Way to go Oliver! Nathan R. was a huge help for his group in putting together their terrarium. I’m psyched to see how those turn out, and I know they’ll be great as long as Nathan is a part of the process. Max S. raced to the top of the climbing tower, showing that he hasn’t missed a beat while spending time in another group. Good work, buddy. Philip S. showed off his knowledge of cars, helping his friends build some awesome models and Legos. You’re the man, Philip! Ari K. had an awesome time at the water park, showing everyone that his swim lessons have been paying off. It’s been a fun first session, and my only concern is how fast it’s gone by! Until next time…

Emily’s Sports Camp Girls

I cannot believe the fourth week of camp is coming to an end! Between winning the Stanley Cup, World Series, and The World Cup with their leagues teams, these girls have had an amazing time at camp. Melania, Anna H., Josie H., Allie T., and Rachel S. have all played a huge role in their team wins. Rachel and Josie crushed it “on the ice” in their Stanley Cup win. Melania and Anna kicked their way to World Cup championship – way to go!  And Allie had some incredible hits in her team’s World Series win. I could not be more proud of these young women and how hard they have worked to carve out a huge presence for girls in sports camp! Thank you for sharing your children with us and we cannot wait for the next four weeks!

Henry’s Little Giants – SC 2

This week the giants took an amazing field trip to the vernon hills aquatic center on Tuesday. Everyone loved the change from the normal camp activities. Alex A and a few other campers decided it would be fun to have a race in the lazy river. After several hours of fun in the sun we returned back to camp to finish off our league’s championships. Arya V. played in several of the championships including the world series and NBA finals which his team won. These past four weeks have been amazing as we come to a close on our first session. We are all excited as we welcome new giants in the coming weeks.

Brad’s Super Knights – SC 2

I’ve been having a great 4th week of camp with everyone! This week we are doing our finals for soccer, basketball, football, hockey, and baseball. Since not all my campers are on my league time, it’s always a fun rivalry to play against them. Caleb had a huge hit in baseball that soared way above my head into the out field and had 2 RBI’s. I played against Leor for football and luckily for him, his team won the Super Bowl. He had some great shots on goal and stops on defense. I’m so happy to see all my campers succeeding all the sports they do. I’m really happy to have them for the next 4 weeks because they really are great kids and make my job an unforgettable experience.

Dave’s Dominators – SC 3

We finished the first session of Jay’s Camp with a fun day at the water park and league championships. Tuesday we had a full day of racing down slides, doing cannon balls in the pool and relaxing in the lazy rivers. As I said earlier, the week was full of league championships. World Series, Super Bowl, World Cup, Stanley Cup, and the NBA Finals were all played and each kid was able to compete in at least one of the championships. Playoffs at any level are exciting to watch and it was great to see the kids giving their best efforts for the win. I want to close by saying the first session was great and I’m ready to jump into a second 4 weeks. To the kids that won’t be returning I want to say thank you for being very involved and making my job as a counselor easy and for those who will be returning get ready for an awesome second session!

Patrick’s Porcupines – SC 3

The fourth week of camp came around and it was the best week yet. We had the championship league games and everyone was giving it their all to win. During the World Cup game Hayden O. scored a key goal to put his team ahead early in the game. During the exciting World Series game Zachary H. had two great hits and played spectacular in the field. During instructional swim Drew H. was amazing! Drew imposed and continues to improve so much on his strokes. I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves to white soon. Sohan Y. showed off his quick reflexes while playing goalie in hockey. Sohan made some incredible saves, and led his team to victory.  With week four coming to a close campers are still having so much fun.

Zach’s Lightening Bolts – SC 3

As we end our first session, the Lighting Bolts show tons of energy to enjoy every last minute of camp. On Monday, the Bolts welcomed a new member Jordan L. and he quickly proved himself dominating in the leagues games and leading his team to a couple championships! We also stopped by to see Rocky Ryan and we saw Max F. climb to the top on all three parts of the rock climbing wall! On Tuesday sports and SAC camp went to a waterpark and what a fun day that was. The weather was great and the lazy river was very relaxing. Ryan J. had a fun week as he enjoyed going down all the slides at the waterpark multiple times and winning a few games of GaGa! On Wednesday we played the championship games for our leagues team and I was lucky enough to have Cuyler H. on my team and what an athlete he is! Although we did not win a championship, Cuyler never gave up hope and kept fighting until that final whistle! As the first session comes to an end, I would like to say goodbye all my kids that are leaving and hope they have a great last week of camp and hopefully I can see them in the future!

Elijah’s Fancy Unicorns – SC 4

The 4th week at Jays Camp was an absolute perfect way to end the 1st four weeks at Jay’s Camp!! Of my new campers, Brian G. showed off how great he was at soccer and basketball this week. He was able to score goals and shoot baskets with ease! He really seemed to enjoy the rock climbing a lot as well. A couple more campers, Lucas B., Miles K., Zack H., all showed off how athletic they really can be in their leagues games. Lucas won the World Cup, and Miles and Zack won the world Series! They were all huge contributors to their team’s successes. Way to go guys! Another camper, Andrew W. revealed how multi-skilled he can be doing extremely well in every activity. To add, he is overall extremely polite and a great listener every single day. Two final campers, Chase H. and Jason C. were great overall campers, participating in everything in addition to doing it with a smile on their faces. They’re true athletes as well, dominating in every sport we play in our group. Way to go Chase and Jason! This week ran extremely smoothly with no complications. I can only hope that second session can live up to the high standards set in the first session.

Tyler K’s Thunder – SC 4

Week 4 already. Where does the time go? Our group had a fantastic week, even with the temperatures as high as they were the group managed to have a great time. Monday saw some fun play during leagues with playoff games being held. Tuesday everyone had a great day at the water park in Vernon Hills. Wednesday wrapped up with a couple of championship leagues games. All the kids were very excited. Nathan S. showed great sportsmanship and respect for his teammates during his time in leagues play, keeping his head up and encouraging the team, even when things weren’t going their way. Zach B. during our time at mini golf course shot a hole in one on two consecutive holes! Jack M. was dominant on the tether ball court winning all of his matches for the day!

Jack’s Pink Fluffy Cheeseburgers – SC 5

What a great way to finish off the first session of camp! It was the boys league championship games this week and they were more competitive than ever! Alex C. played great for his leagues team and played a key part in helping his team to victory. During the Stanley cup playoffs Justin C. was amazing with the puck. He was a threat every time to score! On Tuesday we went to the water park which the kids loved. The tube slide seemed to be a big hit. I’m going to miss the boys who have their last week this week and I’m very excited to finish the year with the remaining group!

Tyler R’s Terrific T-Rex’s – SC 5

Our last week of the first session came up so fast. Our campers loved last Friday as we participated in Wild West Day, full of finding gold, putting people in jail, and plenty of rewards. As we moved into this week we’ve played plenty of leagues and sports. Liam C.’s leagues team played my team in football for a spot in the super bowl. Liam was out there playing wide receiver running past everyone, always open for the long ball. I saw very little plays in which he wasn’t making the defenders look silly. In other sports our group has played a lot of softball in jays stadium this week. We’ve especially come to notice how well Michael V. has been hitting this week. We’re not sure if he’s been weightlifting or something but he’s been hitting the ball much harder and further this week. We look forward to seeing some possible home runs in Michael’s future. Another baseball star that has stood out in my leagues team is Luke M. He has constantly been the 3rd or 4th batter in my leagues team and has always hit a solid line drive to the fence. His on base percentage is through the roof, must be batting over .500! My leagues team always looks forward to every time Luke steps up to the plate because we know he’s always someone we can count on. We’ve had a great first 4 weeks and we look forward to another upcoming 4!

Charlie’s Angels – SC 6/7

In the last week of this sessions ESPN scouting report, Alex W. made quite the astonishing appearance in his first week here at camp. The way Alex snagged those balls straight from the air really made me questions why he isn’t already winning the Golden Glove award. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. His hands basically have super glue on them and he does not drop ANYTHING. Ty H. also came in for the first time this week with huge bombs over fantasy field. His stance really resembles Babe Ruth himself and the stroke of his bat is that of an MLB star. If he isn’t awarded best bat of all time then I really don’t know who deserves it. Patrick K. was also dominating in this weeks scouting report in football. During the semi finals, Patrick made a few grabs that really changed the outcome of the game. I’ve never seen someone perform so well under pressure and be able to maintain a cool head. This kid could very well be the next best wide receiver.

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