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Sports Camp – Week 3


Message from Jay…

What a great few weeks it has been! The weather is finally turning out to be in our favor. I have really enjoyed getting to spend time with the campers and see them shine. We have many exciting programs the next 4 weeks including American Ninja Warrior, Olympics, Crazy Oly mpics, and much more! Our spots are quickly filling up for second session so make sure to call or email us if you would like your child to continue on for next session if they aren’t already. 

Have a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait to see you all next week! 

We have appreciated your kind comments about my camp. Please feel free to email us with any suggestions or comments that can help to make your child’s experience even better.

With any questions or concerns, please call us at 847.438.2267 or email us jayscampdaycamp@gmail.com

Best Regards, 


Message from Nick, Jesse, & Emily…

We can’t believe that week three has already passed. We have really enjoyed spending time with all of the campers and seeing how much fun they are having. The campers have excelled in leagues, swim, and so much more! This Friday for our mass program we had Wild West Day. The campers did things like relays, eating at the saloon, and shopping at the general store! We can’t wait to see everyone next week! Have an awesome weekend.

Nick, Jesse, and Emily

Message from Jesse & Alex from Camp of the Arts…

How is it possible that three weeks have already passed us by? It feels like just yesterday we were meeting each other at orientation. The camp of the arts fellas didn’t disappoint this week despite the weather. Andrew D. was practicing his lacrosse skills on the tennis courts. He’s steadily improving, and one day he’ll be taking the lax world by storm! Nikita C. raced to the top of the climbing tower, impressing all of his groupmates. Way to go Nikita! Zack D. helped his group get some crucial shots for their “Revenge of the Frogs” movie. We’re beginning to edit and I think we have a real blockbuster on our hands. Daniel L. worked on the guitar and keyboard at music. Maybe he’ll be writing the award-winning score for his group’s movie. Matt K. showed off in pottery, making a clay creation that surely got the attention of the Art Institute. Great job, Matt! It’s been a fun three weeks, and week four should be one for the books as we head to the waterpark for our field trip.

Emily’s Sports Camp Girls

Henry’s Little Giants

The Little Giants returned after the long holiday weekend ready for a brand new week of camp. On Tuesday numbers were small as only two of the giants were at camp, despite our numbers being small our spirits were as large as they are every week as Landon W kept everyone excited for what the day had in store. He was constantly eager to do every activity despite the small numbers and continually found new and interesting ways to energize each activity with his fellow giant. On Wednesday all of the campers split into their teams for leagues and we played football. As the game came to a close, it was neck and neck between the two teams. But it was but Brian W who made a critical block to allow his teammate to scramble up the field to put his team in scoring position with only seconds left in the game. Rather than calling for the ball Brian made the selfless play to allow his team to take the lead and eventually win the game. The Little Giants continue to grow as a unit and develop new friendships with the other campers.

Brad’s Super Knights

We’ve been having a fantastic week at Jay’s Camp. It’s so fun talking and playing with my group the “Super Knights”. I’ve been getting to know everyone more and it makes my job feel less like a job and more of just having fun. It was fun to see Ari improve his knowledge of sports and other activities. He’s learning the basics of every sport but especially soccer and baseball. After teaching him how the game is played he’s really catching on and I can see true athletic potential in him. Good job Ari! I’d like to give a special shoutout to Henry too. He’s making himself a dominant player. I had fun playing with the frisbee today, and I know we’ll have more fun in the future. He gave Ari some help saying “If you don’t forget any of your stuff today, I’ll give you one of my cookies”. Lucky enough, Ari remembered all of his things thanks to the help of Henry. It’s great to see my group getting along and helping each other out, which is what we stand for here at camp. Can’t wait for next week!

Dave’s Dominators

The third week of sports camp was shorten due to the holidays but was still full of excitement. Aydyn L. played a great janitor for our drama game of museum. He won the game in record speed. It’s still great to see the kids excelling in both the arts and sports especially. Matthew R. did very well in hockey leading his team to a 17-5 victory. Matthew had 7 goals in the win. Friday was Wild West Day which was a great way to end the week. As we come into the final week of the first session I just want to say it’s been great working with your kids. I look forward to seeing them all for week 4.

Patrick’s Porcupines

The third week has snuck up on most of the campers. Even though it was a shorter week we still had a lot of fun. First off we had Aarav A. he showed off his excellent swimming skills and should be advancing to white soon! Aaron also showed off his excellent defending skills in hockey and soccer. Next we have Daniel K. he showed the group how to jump high and soar far in gymnastics. Daniel was the showed off how far he can jump and how great he was at tumbling. Daniel also exhibited some great basketball skills. Daniel was a stand out during leagues and also beat the counselor. As the week comes to an end campers are excited for whats to come.

Zach’s Lightening Bolts

After a long 3 day weekend the Lightning Bolts we’re excited to jump back into their sports camp schedule and begin a new week! The Lightning Bolts started the new week by playing a round of mini golf and also taking a breather inside to make some art. After swimming, the Lightning Bolts wait to go back to the tent and I have noticed Caden A. and Sam R. go dig in dirt to find rocks and minerals. These two enjoy exploring the underground of Earths surface and end up finding awesome artifacts to keep! On Wednesday, the Bolts played Ga Ga before having instructional swim before gearing up for some football. After lunch, all the third graders joined together to play hockey where I saw Austin M. or Jocker score 5 goals to help lead his team to victory.

Elijah’s Fancy Unicorns

Week 3 a Jay’s was so much fun, especially with Friday being wild west day! This week overall was a very solid week for both my group and sports camp all together. One of my campers, Logan S., really showed me his athleticism this week in not only his main sport, hockey, but also in football and baseball. In addition to that, he was always excited to do any activity whether it be soccer or dance. Another camper, Charlie N, also really showed me how truly athletic he can be overall in pretty much every sport. I noticed this in baseball when he threw the ball a couple times. He’s got such a great arm for throwing! Charlie has overall been one of the most consistent player in all sports. Another camper, Zach H, really showed me how much he absolutely loves to do everything at camp. In addition to being a very athletic 4th grader, he also showed how much he loves pottery which we go to on Wednesdays. I always love seeing what project hes going to make that week. One final camper, Charlie R, just like Charlie R, showed off his overall athleticism this week. Whether it be basketball, baseball, football, hockey, or soccer, Charlie always seems to be not only loving playing the game, but playing extremely well at the same time. Way to go Charlie! Week 3 has come to a close a Jay’s and I’m only hoping that the 4th week can be just as much fun to close out a great first session.

Tyler K’s Thunder

Week 3 was a shortened week thanks to the 4th of July being Monday. Still with the short week our group had a pretty exciting time. Gabe T during morning leagues play caught a touchdown to bring his team closer to victory. Wednesday is always an exciting day for the group, we get to have our time on the rock climbing tower and Michael Z got his Everest Card by scaling the tower and recording an amazing time. Max A during our trampoline games time Wednesday had a great performance on playing spaceball, winning his only match of the day 5-1.

Jack’s Pink Fluffy Cheeseburgers

What a great week of cap after returning from the fourth! During leagues Brandon E. was scoring goal after goal in soccer. I had mistaken him for Ronaldo out there. Later in the day we played softball. Jackson L. hit a walk off home run! It was an exciting finish to a great game. We played basketball on Wednesday and Dylan E. was making buckets. He has one of the best shots I’ve ever seen. I’m having so much fun with this amazing group and I know we will continue to have a great time!

Tyler R’s Terrific T-Rex’s

The group ended week 2 with an exciting day of celebration of the 4th of July. We had a day full of relay races and games, even decorating the go­carts in red, white, and blue. Camp resumed Tuesday and we split up into our leagues teams first thing in the morning. My leagues team played Elijah’s team on the fantasy field for a game of softball and Brandon S, really took advantage of the fence. With Elijah’s team down a few runs early in the game Brandon got a hold of a ball and took it at least 150 yards way over the fence. Not only did he a home run but he drove in 3 runs giving his team the lead and eventually the win. Later in the week on Wednesday the group and I took our talents to the mini golf course. Veer P. smoked me in a quick round of 9 winning by 6 or 7 shots. By the 3rd hole I was already at 16 strokes and Veer was at 6, you can say I was embarrassed. Right after mini golf we stepped onto the basketball court, split up teams and played a nice game of ball. We had a blast on the court, and the game was close 18­16 up to 21. Jack S. gave his team a demanding lead when he threw up a great looking hook shot surprising everyone. He had that sky hook mastered, looking like Kareem Abdul Jabbar. He also gave the game winning pass to Connor W. who drained the three for the win. It was an exciting week and we look forward to the next week!

Charlie’s Angels

Counting down the days till the season is over our scouting report has never been better. This week Zach M showed the most talent I’ve ever seen out of anyone in hockey. Slapshot after slapshot, wrister after wrister Zach was non stop scoring. The new era of nhl players is coming soon and I think he will be a top recruit. Lastly Brandon S was ripping softballs over fantasy field like no one has ever done before. He was hitting it farther than most adults could hit it. If I’m not speaking complete mambo jumbo he could possibly be going #1 overall.

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