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Sports Camp – Week 2

Message from Nick, Jesse, & Emily…

The second week was a great one, we can’t believe that it is already over! This week we faced some cold weather but still had a fun time. We continued this week with our league play and got to see all the talent that our campers have. We really have enjoyed this week and are looking forward to the following weeks to come! Have a great and safe holiday weekend!!

Nick, Jesse, and Emily

Message from Jesse & Alex from Camp of the Arts…

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two weeks, but here we are one quarter of the way through the Summer! The camp of the arts boys have been on a roll, continuing to impress Alex and I with their abilities. Sam V. shook the ping pong universe going toe-to-toe with several counselors, and beating me. Way to go Sam! Gabe H. helped lead his group in making their movie, showing that he may have a lot of talent for directing. Maybe we’ll be seeing him at the Oscars one day! Kyle A. had a great time building model cars throughout the week; we may have a twenty-first century Henry Ford on our hands! Noah D. showed off his jockey skills at horse riding, and with all he’s learning at archery, we seem to have a real life knight at Jay’s! Awesome work, fellas! Can’t wait for

next week!

Emily’s Sports Camp Girls

Week two has been incredible.  The girls had a blast playing leagues with sports camp  – they really held their own and became assets to each of their teams.  Melania B. Was a super star at football during leagues and helped to lifeguard the pool during free swim – happy birthday, Melania!  And Rachel S. was truly a rockstar winning a dance contest against all of the sports camp boys – such bravery and courage!  Thank you for your girls. They are such an incredible group, and I am very lucky to be their counselor.

Henry’s Little Giants – SC 2

The little giants are back at it again with a Birthday early in the week. We all celebrated Eli M’s birthday with donuts he brought in and by playing his favorite activity hockey. As the day closed out Eli was given a pack of baseball cards from his favorite team the Chicago White Sox to cap off an amazing birthday celebration. This week we welcomed two brand new giants to the group. First we welcomed Colin M who quickly got acclimated to the group as he danced around the stage in front of everyone like his favorite athlete, an elephant, and a turtle, in one of the groups new favorite activities freeze dance. The second giant to join everyone one was Henry R. Henry had a spectacular catch in football to make a critical first down to help tie up the game. Despite having troubles in the beginning of the game, Henry continued to cut across the field until he got open and eventually made his miraculous play. The little giants are coming together to make a giant family amongst the campers as their relationships with each other grow. It has been an exciting week for everyone.

Brad’s Super Knights – SC 2

I’m so proud of my “Super Knights” this week. We have all been trying our hardest and improving at every sport we’ve been playing. I’d like to give a special shoutout to Ilan for hitting some bombers during baseball and getting some touchdowns in football. He’s athleticism and determination will bring him far in his sports career. He’s not the only one doing great, I’d also like to mention Alex on his great swimming ability and dancing. He was speeding through the water and busting out some crazy dance moves up on stage. I’m really looking forward to another week of fun with all my kids, it’s great to see them improving everyday.

Dave’s Dominators – SC 3

We had a great second week for Sports Camp. All the Dominators are improving in every activity they are doing whether it be sports or the arts. Monday started in an exciting way with Brandon M’s. birthday celebration. In art the kids made a great Fourth of July piece. Hopefully they all made it home to be put on the fridge. Of course leagues have continued throughout the week. Dillon N. stood out in soccer by playing some outstanding goalie and defense. The improvement the kids are making in these sports is always impressive. As we come into the third week I hope to see even more competitive games while upholding the sportsmanship that is so important here at Jay’s. We concluded the week with many fun activities including the rock climbing wall with Rocky Ryan. Aidan K. went up and down a total of ten times. Overall it was a fun week two and I look forward to seeing the kids for the start of the third week.

Patrick’s Porcupines – SC 3

The second week of camp came quick and the campers are excited for some new activities. We had a couple of special stand out campers this week. First off we had Mark G. Mark showed off his supreme climbing skills. Mark climbed all three sections of the wall with ease. Mark also helped out other campers once he was finished. Next we had Alex H. Alex displayed some excellent football skills. Alex caught many catches and scored a couple touchdowns. Alex also did extremely well is soccer. Alex was the teams best defender. The group is excited for the third week!

Zach’s Lightening Bolts – SC 3

After a great week 1, I was wondering how the Lightning Bolts would keep up their great energy and love for sport and it was obvious that while playing mini golf on Monday, there was no loss of energy in these kids! The kids brought great energy while trying to defeat their counselor in mini golf and had a blast with Rocky Ryan at the climbing tower where I saw Caden S. climb to the top not one, not two but three times! On Tuesday we started with tether ball where all the kids finally took me, their all mighty counselor down. From tether ball we went to play hockey and also went to art to make stars for the 4th of July. Wednesday we started with Gameworld where all the kids had a blast playing pool, air hockey, ping pong and foosball. After shooting some hoops we went do gymnastics and even though some weren’t a fan of gymnastics, everyone had fun competing in a jumping contest where I saw Allen B. make it to the championship round!

Elijah’s Fancy Unicorns – SC 4

Week 2 at Jay’s was just as perfect as the first. I got a few new campers this week which only meant more fun for everyone! I had a few stand out campers this week just like last. One camper, Blake G, really showed off his overall athleticism by dominating in almost any activity we did in the group as well as loving the specials like pottery and drama. Way to go Blake! Another camper, Ryan H, also really showed how great he can be at the smaller games such as skee ball and ping ping. He really seems to love doing activities in game world and drama as well. One final camper, Jack B, really shined when in Jay’s stadium playing hockey, scoring goals against almost everyone in the group. He also is excited about any activity we have in our daily schedule. Overall, this week ran extremely smoothly and can only hope for a week just as smooth next week.

Tyler K’s Thunder – SC 4

Week 2 of camp got off to a hot start with the temp exceeding 90 yet again. Needless to say the kids were excited to swim in the morning and afternoon Monday. In other group news, Tuesday during our time at game world, Dan L. set the high score on the arcade basketball game scoring 22 total points in 30 seconds. Elliot D. won 3 intense games of Gaga on Tuesday afternoon, establishing his dominance in the pits. Finally on Wednesday during morning leagues play, Roman B. made an outstanding catch on the baseball field, running forward full speed, arms fully extended and falling to the ground.

Jack’s Pink Fluffy Cheeseburgers – SC 5

This second week of camp was very eventful. In baseball, Bryce D. was unstoppable. He reached base every time. Later that day while on the rock climbing wall, Caden N. climbed it faster than anyone I’ve seen. On Wednesday, Brayden G. was a young Babe Ruth out there. I think he could’ve played with us in our counselor softball games!! I’m so excited for the rest of summer with this exciting group.

Tyler R’s Terrific T-Rexs – SC 5

We jumped straight into week two from an exciting and action packed week one. Day by day our campers continue to bond and form new relationships everyday. On Monday we made our way to the bocce ball/Gaga station where we played 4 or 5 games. In each and every game Blake W. shined bright and dominated the game, knocking out most of the group including myself. Blake must of won at least 3 games making it look like a walk in the park for himself. Shortly after Gaga the group made it over to the rock climbing tower, and with the help of Rock Climbing Ryan we had an excellent time. Evan B. put on a show climbing all sides of the wall and making it to the top 3 or 4 times. After how easy this looked for him there’s a good chance he’ll be scaling everest next week. I look forward to seeing more outstanding performances by the group!

Charlie’s Angels – SC 6/7

In this weeks Espn report Caden P. showed up big time in the most competitive softball game yet. The kid was unreal getting on base every at bat and smacking the ball to dead center for a double. Next up in the report is Cam S., no doubt his hockey skills are off the charts and this kid could very well be the next Wayne Gretzky. Seriously I’ve never seen a kid with such passion for his sport and put in so much effort to win. Finally coming up last in this weeks ESPN scouting report is Konrad. This kid is basically Usain Bolt in disguise, I’ve never seen someone’s legs churn so fast in such a small amount of time. He puts fire behind all his kicks in soccer and everyone including the goalies are even afraid to stand in front of him.

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