Jays Camp


Sports Camp – Week 5


Message from Jay…

Parents and children at Jays, all our problems our fixed. I can’t believe we are starting week 6. There’s many more programs we are going to do and then much, much more before we are through. 

Carnival, Jay’s Ninja Warrior course, Olympics, SAC performances, American Gladiator, ICA camp treasure hunt are all in the race and every program is designed to put a smile on your campers little face! 

So fasten your seatbelts and take care of yourself and you’ll experience these programs before August 12th.

Kenya, Brazil, USA, France, Japan, and Israel are the countries that please and every camper at Jay’s will march in with their colorful tees! There’s a lot more things that we will vow and I’ve got to go, so, so long for now!

Have a great weekend! We will see you next week. 

Love, Jay

Eleanor’s Sports Camp Girls

This was my first week as a Jay’s Camp counselor and I had a blast! The girls are so awesome and fun and I love to be around them. they have so much athletic skill and truly amaze me. This week Malania B. really impressed me with how well rounded she was in all sports. From basketball to lacrosse, she was a beast. During basketball she was making shots left and right and also had some awesome and aggressive defensive skills. You can really tell how passionate she is about sports whenever she steps on the court / field. Anna H. was also a beast this week. She’s a natural at lacrosse and tore up the field. She was always running after the ball and never gave up. She has some awesome stick skills I can really see a future in lacrosse for her. All in all, this was an amazing week and I can’t wait to get to know these girls better!!

Camp of the Arts

The second session came with extreme heat, but the camp of the arts boys did not let that spoil the fun. Josh D. has been excelling at all kinds of sports, keying his team’s victory in leagues with two critical catches. Great job, Josh! Alex S. proved to be a master of surrealist art, making a ‘taco-seal’ in pottery. I absolutely loved how it turned out, Alex. Keep it up! Sam V. tore through the competition winning round after round of Bocci Ball. Way to go, Sam. Andrew D.’s Jordan-esque hops were on display in jump shot. Can we get him signed up for the NBA dunk contest next winter? Daniel L. proved quite the Pokemon player, winning the first of what I’m sure will be many battles within the group. Nice work, Daniel. Here’s to a great sixth week as we start Jay’s Olympics!

Henry’s Little Giants – SC 2

This week the little giants had a battle against the sweltering heat, but just like every other obstacle it was no match for the Giants. Eli M had an awesome week of swimming earning himself the most improved swimmer accolade from Jay himself. He has made huge strides since the first week of camp and I’m excited to see where the final weeks can take him. With the start of a new term also comes the start of new leagues teams. Ryan G has been an all star for our team this week making play after play in every sport we have done. First in soccer he made key stops as goalie to lead us to our first victory of the season. He followed it up in baseball with a great hit that let two of his teammates score that put the team up eventually leading us to another victory. The little giants have been amazing this week despite the blistering heat and only continue to amaze me every day.

Brad’s Super Knights – SC 2

Week 5 has been a success with my “Super Knights”. We now have 2 new members to our program, Nolan and Levi. They’re a great addition to the group and I’m really excited to have them. Levi is starting to learn baseball and he is already hitting bombers and got 2 RBI’s today. Great job Levi! Nolan has been doing great also, especially in leagues. He’s definitely one of our fastest campers, so in games like football and soccer he can really dominate. Keep it up Nolan! So with that said it’s a great pleasure to be with all my campers and I’m looking forward to all the fun times we’ll have!

Dave’s Dominators – SC 3

Second session began with one of the hottest weeks of the summer. Thursday and Friday consisted of cool activities like swimming and watching a movie due to the heat warning being issued for our area. The days before that we got in as many league games as we could. Baseball and football were the two sports played by the 3rd graders this week and it is still great to see improvement with the kids. Aidan K. had a spectacular football game on Wednesday along with an incredible catch to make a first down. Brandon M. played very well for my baseball team by knocking in two runs with a double. We hope next week will cool down slightly so that we can continue our competitive and fun league play.

Patrick’s Porcupines – SC 3

The fifth week of camp and we had a bunch of fun. Even though it was hot all campers managed to make it an exciting week. A couple campers really stood out this week showing off their athletic abilities. Zachary H. got two great hits and scored a couple key runs during the league baseball game. Zachary also had a great soccer game. He played some great defense. Next we had Hayden O. who played the best dodgeball game I’ve ever seen. Hayden, who was the last one who did not get out on his team, managed to get three people out and avoid getting hit for a long period off time. Hayden also scored a bunch of goals during his league soccer game. As this week comes to an end all the campers are trying to beat the heat.

Zach’s Lightening Bolts – SC 3

As we start this new session, the Lightning Bolts would like to welcome all new members to our group! On Monday, we started off the new session by playing a round of mini golf then took a nice break in the pool. After swimming, we visited Rocky Ryan at the climbing tower then played Ga Ga. On Tuesday we started with tether ball and met our leagues team to play some baseball. Later, we went to our new clubs programs that kids can choose a special interest that applies to them. Wednesday we went to Gameworld before swim and had a great time there! After leagues, we went to gymnastics and Max F. beat the planking record, previously set at 8 minutes and 40 seconds, by holding a plank for 10 minutes and 15 seconds! Also, while at gymnastics, Allen B. dominated the long jump contest winning to the farthest jump! It was a great first week for the second session and I am looking forward to the next three!

Elijah’s Fancy Unicorns – SC 4

Week 5 of Jay’s camp was a really great way to start the second session of the summer! We began leagues with whole new teams and have really gotten far into the bracket already. Every team has played e very sport already. In particular, a few campers in my group, also two of the campers on my leagues team, stood out this week period. One of the two campers, Jason C, really showed off how valuable he can be in a game of football.  He has caught at least 3 touchdown passes in every game this week.  In addition, he has really helped out in each of the other 4 sports, Way To Go Jason!  One other camper, Jack B, really showed off his baseball skills, getting hits in each of his games, leading us to victories in our first 2 baseball games. He always acts with great sportsmanship win or lose.  In addition, he has also been very successful in both hockey and football. Overall, this week has been amazing even with the excessive heat and humidity.  I can only hope that the coming weeks are just as fun and both my leagues team and group continue to have a great time.

Tyler K’s Thunder – SC 4

Our second session of camp got off to a great start. We welcomed a few new kids to the group and they seemed to be getting along very well with the group, becoming friends very quickly. Calvin H in gymnastics won the plank contest, holding his plank for almost 6 minutes, impressing everyone with his abs of steel. Elijah M made a nice catch on the football field and did a little shake and bake on his defender and scored a touchdown. Brady D in gameworld got the high score on the skeeball table, sinking shot after shot after shot.

Jack’s Pink Fluffy Cheeseburgers – SC 5

We started the new session off with a bang! The boys got put into new leagues teams and this week has been very competitive. One standout I noticed was Alex C. He was making plays all over the football field and always gives his best effort. Later in the week Dylan E and a couple boys played a pick up basketball game. He was making shot after shot over some counsellors. It was incredible. In leagues later in the day we played baseball. My leagues team was playing a game on the other field when all of a sudden a tennis ball lands in the middle of the field off the bat of Brayden G. It was one of the farthest hits I’ve seen. Looking at how this first week of the new session has gone, I’m eager to find out what lies ahead for us the rest of the summer.

Tyler R’s Terrific T-Rex’s – SC 5

It was a sad end of week 4 as the group had to say bye to a couple campers. Week 5 we started off the new 4 weeks strong, playing a fun game of basketball with Charlie’s group. Connor W really stood out as he drained 3 threes in a row from almost half court. I heard he’s been teaching Steph Curry how to shoot in his free time. Unfortunately our team lost but not without Connors great effort. On Wednesday we had the chance to do gymnastics and played a game with who could hold the longest plank. Adrian V held the longest plank lasting 4 minutes long, 1 minute longer then anyone else. He looked like a natural gymnast and looks to keep his training up for Rio in a couple months.

Charlie’s Angels – SC 6/7

In week 5 of the ESPN scouting report Sean K came up huge in football. 4th down with absolutely no time left Sean grabs a hail marry out from the sky and scores the winning touchdown unlike almost anything I’ve ever seen in my life. Also coming up huge was Ty H. This kid was ripping balls right over fantasy field like it was nothing to him. MLB teams have been scouting him for quite some time now and this year might be the year in which he leaves Jay’s Camp and heads towards a brighter future in the MLB.

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