Jays Camp


SAC Camp – Week 5


Message from Jay…

Parents and children at Jays, all our problems our fixed. I can’t believe we are starting week 6. There’s many more programs we are going to do and then much, much more before we are through. 

Carnival, Jay’s Ninja Warrior course, Olympics, SAC performances, American Gladiator, ICA camp treasure hunt are all in the race and every program is designed to put a smile on your campers little face! 

So fasten your seatbelts and take care of yourself and you’ll experience these programs before August 12th.

Kenya, Brazil, USA, France, Japan, and Israel are the countries that please and every camper at Jay’s will march in with their colorful tees! There’s a lot more things that we will vow and I’ve got to go, so, so long for now!

Have a great weekend! We will see you next week. 

Love, Jay

Ari’s Angels – SAC 2

Ari’s Angels welcomes two new campers with open wings! Sienna couldn’t wait to climb her way to the top of the rock wall! Great job, Sienna! Avigail shined her awesome artistic talent when she chose pottery as her class for the session. Can’t wait to see your finished project! Thanks again for an awesome week girls!!

Val’s Violets – SAC 2

The 5th week of Jay’s camp has been an absolute blast! We welcome three new campers, Keira, Lexi, and Evelyn. Charlotte K. was sure to greet them with open arms by including them in all our activities and showing them the group’s ropes. It was very much appreciated! Thank you Char. This week because of the weather we got to participate in Hot Swim meaning we 3 free swims in one day. Lexi was able to adjust to the rules and habits of an unusual camp day! Way to go Lexi!

Kaleigh’s KooKoo Krocodiles – SAC 3

We are so excited to have Ava join us this second session.  She has already made a huge impact.  She was instantly having fun and making friends!  She blew everyone away with her insane flexibility and other gymnastics skills.  We are so excited to learn more about Ava as this second session continues! Aditi is new to second session and has completely blown everyone away.  She made close friends as soon as she stepped on the camp grounds.  She also finds the fun in everything she does with the group! Samantha is a hilarious component to this camp.  Her sharp eye has her hunting for anything that could be out of the ordinary. She loves to find frogs and snakes.  Even though this part of camp is typically im sports camp, she cant help but get close to the action! We can’t wait for next week!

Vivan’s Valentines – SAC 3

Hello and welcome to the second session of camp!!! Vivian’s Valentines had a great first week of the second session. Welcoming our newest Valentine Yoonsey K. with open arms. This week Jessie K. showed off her swimming skills and passed to a junior lifeguard! Sending our love to one of campers who unfortunately had to leave us early this summer Haia P. we all miss you!!! Ready for the rest of summer and can’t wait!

Amandie’s Candies – SAC 4

Amandie’s Candies have had an amazing first week of the second session! How is the summer more than half way over?! We’ve had a busy week filled with lots of fun!! Ava V. and Mia B. passed this week in swim!! As their former swim counselor, I was thrilled to see them swim so well and pass into white 4!! The girls also chose new classes this session and are thriving! Hallie M. is loving classes so far and is making amazing roses!! They are going to look amazing at the end of camp! Have a great weekend girls!! Love you

Sam’s Sweethearts – SAC 4

Sam’s Sweethearts has started off second session on a great note! Thankfully, we conquered an exceptionally hot week at camp! We had a great time at the movie theater watching the new Ice Age movie! Stefi successfully passed in swim, from a red to a blue. Way to go, Stefi! It was great to see her hard work pay off! We also had a new adventure going to the treehouse this week to play hide-and-go-seek! I think all of my girls had a fun time trying a new activity; especially, Avery, who was awesome at finding good hiding spots! I cannot wait for another fun week ahead of us!

Elana’s Elvis Elephants – SAC 5

This week has been an exciting first week of the second session! Unfortuneately, this was Danielle M. last week at camp, we had so much fun together with the 5 weeks that we had! We went to Spaceball Jumpshot this week and Ella D. attempted her front flip and she was so proud of herself, it was so amazing! Alexa D. decided to choose pottery for her class this session and she’s trying something new, which is super exciting! This has been an amazing week of the second session and can’t wait to find out what happens next with Elana’s Elvis Elephants!!

Rachelle’s Rabbits – SAC 5

This week I was introduced to Ayla and I was so impressed with her gymnastics skills! She is very talented and knows multiple advanced moves! I loved watching her and I can’t wait to see some more! I am also very proud of Natalie for moving up in instructional swim. On Monday she took her swim test and moved up from a blue to a white! Her hard work and determination really payed off! Can’t wait for week 6!

Nikki’s Nemos – SAC 6

This week marked the start of Session 2, and Nikki’s Nemos have gained a few more girls! Clara K., Cara M., and Anett V. auditioned for the play, The Descenants, and got awesome parts!! In addition, Erin K. has passed from the red to the blue level in swim! Awesome job Erin!! We are so proud of you. We’re all so excited to continue with the rest of the session with the new additions to our group!

Ali’s Angels – SAC 7/8

Ali’s Angels had a fun start to the second session. We celebrated Dylan’s 12th birthday on Wednesday! Happy birthday Dylan! Dylan has been especially good lately with the younger girls who frequently visit our group. Her kindness and pro older sibling skills shine through. We welcomed Allison (great name) to our group this week as well. Allison is funny and personable and we’re looking forward to having her with us for the coming session! This week has been a little unusual with the new campers, hot weather, and changing schedule, and I am grateful that I have such a wonderful group of girls who roll with the punches and hardly complain. I can’t wait for more fun times and memories with Ali’s Angels!

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