Jays Camp


SAC Camp – Week 4


Message from Jay…

Where have the four weeks gone. It seems like yesterday when our wonderful and special campers first arrived at Jays. It has been a great few weeks filled with fun, sun, new friends, and most important, happy smiles from all of our special campers! Each and every year for the past 30 years I look forward to the first day of camp. If I could I would be everyones counselor. I will as always be at my special table to play a game with a camper or a group of campers and give them special little gifts to make them happy! Now the second four weeks will start next week. For all of you that are staying get ready for many exciting programs like Jays America Ninja Warrior, American Gladiator, Carnival, Olympics, Crazy Olympics, clubs, classes, interest groups, & more! For those that are leaving I hope you had a great time at Jay’s and you return next year and most important have a safe, healthy, and productive school year for you, your family, and friends. Please look for a special flyer sometime in mid August that will enable you to receive incredible discounts as well as free weeks for next year. 

Until then, I will miss all of you.



Message from Stacey & Rachel…

We can’t believe how fast these past 4 weeks have gone! We are sad to say goodbye to our campers who are leaving us but really looking forward to the next 4 weeks of camp! This week we had a great time at our field trip at the Vernon Hills water park. It was a very hot day and everyone enjoyed spending time in the water. Our mass program this week was International Day and we ‘visited’ all different countries. The girls did a great job getting prepared and being creative!! We hope you all have a great weekend and can’t wait to see you all on Monday.

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns – please call camp 847.438.2267 or Stacey 773.330.6430

We love you!! XXX

Ari’s Angels – SAC 2

Ari’s Angels ended the first session with a bang! The class performances really allowed the girls to show off their hard work. Aaliyah did an incredible job with her gymnastics skills and nailed the routine perfectly! Adora wowed us with her 80’s rock inspired dance and even got lifted into the air! Thanks again for another awesome week girls!!

Val’s Violets – SAC 2

The last week of the first session has been so fun, but bittersweet! I can’t believed camp is halfway over. I have missed Lily, but hoping her trip in Kenya has been a blast and because Caitlin only comes three days a week having her around this week has been a blast. Although she misses some parts of the week, she is always a compliment to our group and is willing to work to cooperate. Way to go Caitlin! Isabella also has had a really great week! She has been so fast to change for swim and even has been the first one to leave the locker room. Good job Isabella! It is sad knowing that there are only 4 fast week left, but I look forward to them as they come. Yay!!!

Kaleigh’s KooKoo Krocodiles – SAC 3

I can’t believe how fast these 4 weeks have flown by!! Jane is the everything girl. Her intelligence carries her far.  She is very precise in all of her activities and is always on task.  She’s a team player and we are lucky to have her go get em’ attitude! She’s quick, loud, and creative in all ways.  She dominates in ninja and zip zap zop, a true tough competitor. And then we have Abby who is a pleasure to have, making it a hard time to let her go on Wednesdays.  She exerts so much energy and fun into every activity, she is a great component at jays! This week Sammie showed how quick, loud, and creative she is with dominating in ninja and zip zap zoo – a true tough competitor! Maahi is a team player in our group, she is always excited and up for anything fun! She is always finding unique and silly ways to make sur any activity is fun for others. She’s totally a pleasure to be around. I’m really looking forward to the next 4 weeks with my girls!

Vivian’s Valentines – SAC 3

Hello and here we’ve come with the last week of the first session! What a great first session Vivian’s Valentines had! We’ve really missed Emerson and we hope she is having a great trip! In the upcoming session we have a new camper joining our group, Yoonsey, and all of us are looking forward to meeting her and welcoming her. Annabella this week showed off her big muscles on the rock climbing wall this week and climbed all the way to the top. Hailey N. showed off her acting in the Lion King this week during performances, she took on four different roles, Rafiki, Timon, Pumba, and Scar! Chloe C. did great in the gymnastics show all while showering off her flexibility. Can’t wait for another great session with all of Vivian’s Valentines.

Amanda’s Pandas – SAC 4

I CANNOT believe the first session is over!!! The Panda’s have had so much fun these last four weeks and it’s so sad for me to think that it’s half way over! But it’s okay because we have 4 more weeks of fun coming up!! This week we went to the water park where Ruby thrived in the lazy river and water slides. She is meant for the water! We also had performances this week where Ava showed off her amazing aquarium that she made in art class these last four weeks. It looked absolutely perfect, I loved watching you make it!! The Panda’s are so sad to say goodbye to Sara K. this week, we are really going to miss you!! Have a great school year and I hope to see you next summer! As for the rest of you, get ready for an unforgettable second session!! Love you!

Sam’s Sweethearts – SAC 4

This week Sam’s Sweethearts had a great time at the water park! I had a great time going down the water slide with Ivy! Congrats on getting me to go down the water slide, Ivy! Avery and Aden also had a great time at the water park! I think they really enjoyed the lazy river. It has been such a pleasure to have both Taylor L. and Taylor G. in my group this session! Taylor G. gives the best hugs everyday and is always happy to be at camp! Taylor L. is always happy to do every activity at camp without complaining, which is such a great asset to have in our group. I can’t believe that we have come to the end of first session at Jays Camp! Sam’s Sweethearts has had such a great few weeks, and I am sad to see a few of my campers leave! I have really enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them! They are such great girls and I wish them luck with their upcoming year!

Elana’s Elvis Elephants – SAC 5

We’ve had such a fun and final week of the first session! I can’t believe how fast time has gone!! We had Rachel V. come join our group this week and everyone was so excited to have her back! This week we went to the water park and Danielle joined me on the lazy river and we had so so much fun! Caroline R. was super enthusiastic about instructional swim this week and it made everyone else in the group so excited to swim! I’m so sad that we’re half way done with camp already but can’t wait for another amazing session!

Rachelle’s Rabbits – SAC 5

On Tuesday we went to the Vernon Hills waterpark and while we were there I got to spend a lot more 1 on 1 time with Kate! I learned a lot more about her and her family and we had an amazing time relaxing on the lazy river and hanging out in the pool! During free time we played our own little game of Jays Got Talent! Rachel sang a song and I was so blown away by her voice! I never really knew that she liked to sing so hearing her really impressed me and I love seeing her coming out of her shell! Nice job, Rachel! I hope to see more if it second session! We also went to the treehouse where Lauren B. caught frogs which was pretty neat! She always seem like a very big nature girl so I was not surprised to see this! I had a memorable first session and I’m very sad to see Elizabeth and Jaden go but happy I have one more session with my other girls!!

Nikki’s Nemos – SAC 6

This week were performances, and everyone did an amazing job! Bianca P. and Brooke J. rocked it in the dance performance. Also, Bianca showed off her gymnast moves in gymnastics. We also got to see how great Ester V.’s gymnastics moves are! She is very talented! Brooke is finishing off her last week of first session, and unfortunately, won’t be coming back! We are going to miss her so much! However, Nikki’s Nemos are excited to start second session and to continue having the time of our lives at Jay’s Camp!

Ali’s Angels – SAC 7/8

Ali’s Angels has had a great fourth week wrapping up the first session. We welcomed Brooklyn to our group this week. A lovely seasoned Jay’s camper, she is easygoing and adds a lot of fun to our group. She was an enthusiastic participant when we did leagues, which is always appreciated. Thanks Brooke! Chloe was another star camper this week. Chloe is athletic and artistic and does very well in both sports and arts. Great job Chloe! Also, McKenna did great this week! She is a supporting teammate and is always willing to go with the flow. We played a short game of dodgeball against the day campers the other day, and she was very enthusiastic about it and had fun with them! I can’t wait to see what exciting things second session brings us!

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