Jays Camp


SAC Camp – Week 3


Message from Jay…

What a great few weeks it has been! The weather is finally turning out to be in our favor. I have really enjoyed getting to spend time with the campers and see them shine. We have many exciting programs the next 4 weeks including American Ninja Warrior, Olympics, Crazy Olympics, and much more! Our spots are quickly filling up for second session so make sure to call or email us if you would like your child to continue on for next session if they aren’t already. 

Have a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait to see you all next week! 

We have appreciated your kind comments about my camp. Please feel free to email us with any suggestions or comments that can help to make your child’s experience even better.

With any questions or concerns, please call us at 847.438.2267 or email us jayscampdaycamp@gmail.com

Best Regards, 


Message from Stacey & Rachel…

We can’t believe week three is over! This was an awesome week. The campers had such a great time during Wild West Day going to the Saloon, playing games, and much more! We are so excited about performances coming up next week! The girls have worked so hard and can’t wait to show it off. We can’t wait to see what week four has in store! Have a great weekend girls.

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns – please call camp 847.438.2267 or Stacey 773.330.6430

Have a terrific weekend and we can’t wait to see you next week! 🙂 We love you!!! xxx

Ari’s Angels

Ari’s Angels had another great week at Jay’s! Molly showed off her awesome cartwheel and flips on the bar during gymnastics on Wednesday. Great job, Molly! Ariella shined in drama during the statue game on Tuesday! Awesome job staying positive and giving it your all!

Val’s Violets

Although this week was cut short due to the Fourth, the Violets have managed to make the best of camp yet again! This week during swim, we have been working on several things such as front floats, back floats, and rotary breathing. Khloe G. is in the yellow level with me and this Thursday she perfected her front AND back float! Way to go, Khlo! We also celebrated a birthday this week of someone who has been so well-behaved and a great listener, Charlotte! Happy birthday and good job this week girl. Jay’s just keeps getting better!

Kaleigh’s KooKoo Krocodiles

Week 3 has been great and I can’t believe how fast this summer is flying by! This week Maddy showed her creativity like no other, she is an art wiz.  She loves to put her flare on every project and is always making sure she is on task to complete every project.  It is no doubt that Maddy has a gift with the arts as she shines in any classes and activities that have to do with arts. Eleanor loves everything about camp! She has an amazing attitude towards most activities. you mention anything and she screams of excitement. She is always in her bathing suit because she never wants to pass up a moment of swim time.  She is a bubbly spirit and a complete fire of energy to have around. Although Bella isn’t here with us at Jays every day of the week, she leaves a huge impact on the days she is here.  She is a great friend to her campers, and she’s always smiling and making sure the activity is enjoyable for everyone around her.  She is always excited for whats next.  Great enthusiasm Bella!

Vivian’s Valentines

Hello Jay’s Camp!!! Vivian’s Valentines had a great third week of camp! Madeline B. really showed off her drama skills this week by playing Statues! Katie S. really showed off her flexibility in gymnastics this week doing her kart wheels. Jessi K. was very generous this week by letting all the girls use her harness on the rock climbing wall, and in swimming by demonstrating to all the girls how to do the swimming strokes the right way! Another great week and many more to come!!!

Amanda’s Pandas

How is the first session more than half way over? This summer is flying by and it needs to slow down!! The Panda’s are getting along so well and I couldn’t be more proud of them! Phoebe S. loves Jay’s Stadium and got so into dodgeball this week! You are for sure a force to be reckoned with, Phoeb! Sylvia F. was a true artist this week as she completed her chalk board mosaic page! It looked so professional, Syl, you have so much talent!! It’s hard to believe that next week is the last week of the session! Have a great weekend and rest up because we have performances just around the corner!! Xoxo

Sam’s Sweethearts

Sam’s Sweethearts had a great third week of camp! I was happy to hear that everyone had an enjoyable Fourth of July weekend with family and friends. This week Stefi had the opportunity to go to horseback riding for the first time! I’m so happy that she had an awesome time there with the horses! Also this week our group played mini golf and Talia was the winner with the lowest score! Way to go Talia! I can’t wait to have another fun week, especially since it will be the last for a few of the girls in our group because it is the last week of first session! It’s crazy how fast this summer is going!

Elana’s Elvis Elephants

We’ve had such a fun third week with the Elvis Elephants! At gymnastics this week we played the game “Jump the River” Gabby O. made it the farthest she’s ever gotten! She was so excited and I was so happy for her! At music, Ella S. showed off her awesome talent of playing the piano! Everyone in our group stood around her and was so excited. Alexa D. showed off her excitement at volleyball on Wednesday and got everyone in the group excited to play even though it was really hot out! Abigail A. was super excited to go to every activity this week and everyone had an extremely positive attitude because of that! This has been an exciting third week and I can’t believe there’s only 1 more week of the first session left.

Rachelle’s Rabbits

Even though it was super hot during dance, Ilana kept up the energy and really got the group going! Victoria has been going horse back riding for the past 2 weeks and really enjoys it! She always comes back in a great mood so it makes me happy that she has the option to go and do that! Each week I’ve loved spending time with the girls and getting the opportunity to get to know each girl a little bit better.

Nikki’s Nemos

This week, Nikki’s Nemos started making lanyards, and Sophia H. Has learned how to do it. She has already made two whole lanyards and they look awesome! Also, Maddie M. won several races to the top of the rock climbing wall. Great job Maddie!! We’re all looking forward to Wild West day this Friday, and the rest of camp to come!

Ali’s Angels

It has been another excellent week with Ali’s Angels! This week, we welcomed Lexie (Ellie) to our group. She’s already brought us lots of laughs with her fun and open personality! Ashley, a long-time Jay’s camper, has been extra kind, showing her around and being a good pal. Rachel has been a great leader this week as well. She is confident and respectful and an overall fabulous camper. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing group of girls! We’re all looking forward to another fun week!

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