Jays Camp


SAC Camp – Week 2


Message from Stacey & Rachel…

The second week was great! We have enjoyed spending time with all the girls and seeing them shine with all they do. Although we had some cold days this week, the girls continued to have a terrific time. Our week was finished off as we celebrated the 4th of July as an entire camp. Everybody was split into red, white, blue and silver and we spent the entire day playing games, doing relay races, and of course, having fun! We are looking forward to spending the rest of the summer with all of our wonderful girls!

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns – please call camp 847.438.2267 or Stacey 773.330.6430

Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend & holiday!! xxx

Ari’s Angels – SAC 2

Ari’s Angels had an incredible second week at Jays’s! We’re grateful to have Ariella join our group. She shined her light and happiness throughout every activity and showed off her skills at the tower! During classes, Adora worked hard and even scored a special part in the dance. Great job, Adora! Despite the cold, Matilda L. stayed positive and really got involved during drama with a fun game of telephone! Keep smiling, Matilda L.!!!

Val’s Violets – SAC 2

Although I was absent for a couple of days due to college orientation, according to Alyssa (JC), my group was well-behaved and managed to have fun while I was away. Alyssa was sure to tell me that Aarushi specifically was so well-mannered and behaved, way to go Aarushi! This week we were also able to participate in gymnastics. Without instruction, Bella was able to do an example when performing back walkovers. Awesome job Bella!! Can’t wait for next week and this great summer.

Kaleigh’s KooKoo Krocodiles – SAC 3

The second week of camp was great with my girls! Through the entire week Hannah remained to shine and spread happiness/positivity throughout camp and her fellow campers.  She finds the brightness in everything she does, even if it’s an activity she doesn’t care for, she screams for excitement to keep everyone pumped. GO HANNAH! Ellie’s passion for the arts doesn’t go unnoticed.  She is constantly carrying around her coloring book with numerous amounts of colors, her creativity doesn’t stop there, she spreads her colors onto everyone at camp.  WAY TO SHINE BRIGHT ELLIE. Kyla’s leadership carries our group far as making sure people are in line and ready to go. She has the ability to bring our group together in all events and makes sure everyone is having a blast, thanks for the insane cooperation Kyla, you’re a rockstar!

Vivian’s Valentines – SAC 3

Hello Campers! What a lovely week for Vivian’s Valentines! Katie O. really showed off her talent in classes this week acting in the play. Karina P. showed her love for the whole group by including everyone and being a great listener this week! Julia P. showed off her rock climbing skills this week on the tower, and showed the group much appreciation by sharing her harness with everyone so nicely! What a great second week for Vivian’s Valentines.

Amanda’s Pandas – SAC 4

How has it already been 2 weeks?! This summer is already starting to fly by!! This week has been super fun for the Panda’s!! All the girls are starting to get really into their classes! Sara K. is loving her art class and is really starting to pull her project together! You’re a natural, Sar! Addy R. had so much fun at gymnastics this week!! You’re so good Add, you should be going to Rio this summer for the olympics!! These past two weeks have been a blast and I cannot wait to see what’s in store next week! Have a great weekend and an awesome Fourth of July!! Much love!!!

Sam’s Sweethearts – SAC 4

Sam’s Sweethearts had another great week at camp! We were so excited to welcome a new camper to our group this week, Mya! Mya really impressed me this week with her skills in dodgeball! She proved to be quite the athlete – Great job Mya! Maeve G. also had a fun week when she went horseback riding on Wednesday. She got to ride a horse and also braid the horses hair. Our group overall had a great week enjoying a rain-free, warm week! I can’t wait to have another one here at Jays!!

Elana’s Elvis Elephants – SAC 5

What an awesome second week at camp! The Elvis Elephants are having so much fun! On Wednesday, while girls were waiting for the climb tower Claire S. and Jazmyn P. thought it would be a great idea to introduce a new game for everyone to play! It was amazing learning something new. Lillie S. is always so enthusiastic while at the climb tower, she gets everyone so excited to go! This week during leagues we play Nukum and Julia V. was the last one standing on Sam’s Sloths, while taking on 9 Amanda’s Avocados and ended up getting 4 girls out all by herself!! I was so proud! We’ve had an amazing second week of camp with these girls, can’t wait to have some more fun!

Rachelle’s Rabbits – SAC 5

The second week of camp for Rachelle’s Rabbits was a successful one. This week I got the opportunity to really see more personalities coming out of each girl. All week long, no matter what game we were playing Natalie always had a positive attitude. Whenever a person got out of a game she would give them a “good try” “you will get them next time” etc! It really keeps up the kids energy and makes the games better! This week I also got to see Lauren R’s strong leadership personality. She has been contributing ideas for mass program all week and loves to help putting things together. She includes everyone in the group and she sets good examples for the other girls. Finally, Samantha’s energy always gets me through the day! She never complains and has a great attitude towards everything. She gets excited about all the activities which really helps me as a counselor get more pumped about everything!

Nikki’s Nemos – SAC 6

It’s the second week of Jay’s, and Nikki’s Nemos are in full swing of camp. One of the girls’ favorite activities is the obstacle course, which includes two inflatables. This week, Maddy S. had a blast getting stuck to the velcro wall. In addition, Mia B. has been enjoying the Yearbook Club, and has been taking awesome pictures of all different activities all around camp. We’re all having so much fun, and are looking forward to Red, White, and Blue day on Friday in honor of the Fourth of July!!

Ali’s Angels – SAC 7/8

Ali’s Angels had a super second week! We’ve been having fun spending time together and getting into a routine with the different activities, clubs, sports, and classes. Dylan has emerged as a newcomb superstar, always playing with her friends before camp, in free moments, and with the group. She fearlessly dives to catch the ball and even sacrificed a nail to the game the other day! Ashley is an awesome group member in any activity. Her willingness to be flexible and to try new things is impressive and admirable. I appreciate you all! I’m looking forward to another great week with Ali’s Angels after the holiday weekend!

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