Jays Camp


SAC Camp – Week 1

Message from Stacey & Rachel…

We are so excited that the summer is here! The girls have happily started 2016 in SAC Camp with their the best group names! We chose classes and clubs this week- everyone is off to a great start! We finished the week with Disney Day…the girls made costumes, props, performed dances, sang songs and much more. It was an awesome day!
We have wonderful things planned for next week!!

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns- please call camp 847.438.2267 or Stacey 773.330.6430

Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend xxx


Ari’s Angels – SAC 2

Ari’s Angels had a great first week! Matilda B. rocked it at the tower and made it all the way to the top of the rock climbing wall! Avery had a blast going to gymnastics and showed off her perfect cartwheel. Great job Avery! Despite the rain Marni had her eyes hooked on Inside Out during our field trip to Brunswick! Great week Angels! Can’t wait for the fun to continue!!


Val’s Violets – SAC 2

Val’s Violets first week of camp has been an absolute blast! My campers have been well-behaved, funny, and manage to put a smile on my face everyday. This week we participated in a bunch of things like Dance Class, Drama, Art, and even Clubs. The first week of camp can be a little hectic, but Isabel has been able to move past bus difficulties and being late to camp twice very well. Despite the rain, we were still able to have a good time this week. When we went to Brunswick, we played a game of bowling and watched Inside Out. Teryn got a spare on her first turn, then proceeded to get a STRIKE on her second. Way to go Teryn! This week has me looking forward to the upcoming session at Jay’s. I am so excited.


Kaleigh’s KooKoo Krocodiles – SAC 3

The first week of camp has been a blast so far!! This week at the rock climbing tower, Sienna figured heights and climbing wouldn’t be her expertise, but she was determined to try, and even though she came down quickly her first attempt, she didn’t fail to try again, and then again. She ended up to enjoy the activity of rock climbing and at least climbing up 4 times. She had insane courage this week, way to go Sienna! Josie was super talented at basketball this week. She has incredible speed on the court, and constant effort that makes it undeniable that she will get it in the hoop every time, her athleticism takes her far in basketball, and other sports too, awesome job this week Josie! This week started off slow when forgetting her goggles and making level red, but she decided she wouldn’t settle since her confidence made her believe she should be retested, later in the week she came back to prove she could be at a higher level and with her goggles she made it to level white 4, awesome determination in the first week Daniela. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the summer!


Vivian’s Valentine’s – SAC 3

Hello and welcome back to Jay’s Camp!!! It’s been a great start to the summer this week at Jay’s we had a lot of fun filled activities. All of Vivian’s Valentines really shared the love this week! Lia D. was an Allstar during our field trip to Brunswick. Taylor W. showed off how flexible she really is during gymnastics! Haia P. did a really good job of welcoming everyone back to camp and giving everyone the best hellos and welcoming all the new campers with open arms. Josie L. showed me how kind and generous she is because of all the sunflowers she shared with all the girls in our group this week. What a great first week of camp and I cannot wait to see what the rest of summer has in store for us 🙂


Amanda’s Panda’s – SAC 4

I can’t believe this summer is finally here! I am so fortunate to have my same girls form last year and Ic wouldn’t be more excited to spend yet another summer with them!! This first week was a blast!! Hallie M. was a monkey on the climbing tower and rang that bell loud and proud. Awesome job Hal! Morgan C. was a bowling pro Wednesday on our field trip away from the rain. She nearly got a strike or spare every time she bowled!! Amazing job Morg! I can’t believe the first week is over but I’m so excited for the rest of the summer!!


Sam’s Sweethearts – SAC 4

What a great start to Summer 2016 here at Jay’s camp!! Our group has decided to name ourselves Sam’s Sweethearts, which I would say is very fitting since all my girls have been so awesome so far! We celebrated Aden’s birthday on the same day we took a trip to the bowling alley! At the bowling alley, Ava had an awesome bowling score of over 100 points! Way to go Ava! Sami also had a great week with sports! She scored a touchdown during a football game with the boys in sports camp! – Great job Sami! After such an awesome week, I can’t wait for more to come!


Elana’s Elvis Elephants – SAC 5

What a spectacular first of camp! We named our group Elana’s Elvis Elephants!! Monday we started our classes and Izzie B. and Calleigh S. decided to do something different then dance and went with Gymnastics. On Tuesday we went bowling due to the bad weather and Grace O. bowled a Turkey it was so awesome!! Before we went bowling we got to an activity and Ella D. said she was too scared to climb the wall, but she faced her fear and climbed all the way up!! I can’t wait to see what next week offers with my Elvis Elephants.


Rachelle’s Rabbits – SAC 5

I really enjoyed meeting all of my campers and continuing learning little things about them. On Wednesday after many tries, Jaden finally made it to the top of the climbing tower for the very first time. She said she has been at Jay’s for a while now and this was the very first time she made it to the top. She was stuck on the wall for a long time and kept on falling but she never gave up which really showed her determination! I loved getting to see how happy she was when she rang the bell and finally got to say that she made it to the top! On Thursday I was absolutely blown away by Elizabeth at bowling. She beat the rest of the group by an outstanding number and got two strikes in one game! Throughout the week I was very impressed by Morgan and Ashley. This is their first year at Jay’s camp and both of them were very open, friendly, and willing to meet new people! A lot of campers are very shy and don’t make many friends when they are introduced to a new environment but the fact that all the other girls knew each other except them and still contributed to the group really showed their character! My first week here at Jay’s camp was better than I could have thought and I am very excited for what the rest of the summer has in store for me and my group!


Nikki’s Nemos – SAC 6

This was the first week of camp this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce our group name this year: Nikki’s Nemos!! We’ve spend this week getting to know everyone in our group and getting in the swing of camp. Erin K. Is new to Jay’s this year and has been learning all of our traditional songs and activities. We made tie-dye paintings in art class, and her rainbow design looked awesome. Melania B. tested for swim the first time and made it into the Junior Lifeguard level!! Great job Melania! We learned a dance routine to One Dance by Drake, and Anett V. rocked it with her awesome hip hop moves! We’ve also played a lot of Newcomb this week, Madi J’s favorite volleyball game! She’s always willing to start a game with friends and help the new girls out. We all had so much fun this week, and I can’t wait to see what else Jay’s Camp has in store for us the rest of the summer!


Ali’s Angels – SAC 7/8

We’ve had an awesome first week at camp! My favorite thing from the week was when the girls showed me the tree house during free choice and we played hide-and-go-seek in the woods. I have a mix of long-time and new campers and they’re doing an amazing job of being kind to each other and showing the newer girls around. We’re all enjoying the different classes, clubs, and activities. Olivia has been showing off her masterful dance and gymnastics skills throughout the week (She can hold a handstand longer than anybody I know!) and Grace, aka Bacon, was working a very creative masquerade mask in our pottery class on Tuesday! I’m really looking forward to getting to know everybody better in the coming weeks! Overall great start to the first session!

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