Jays Camp


ICA – Week 8


Josh’s Hot Wheels

It is hard to comprehend that the end of camp is already here. Never the less the boys had yet another fantastic week. We had a blast in the carnival. Jonah A. had an awesome time by eating all of the snacks that were served. Glad you had fun Jonah! Also during the carnival, I would say that Owen R. won the most prizes out of our group. This is due to the fact that during the event he came up to me with a handful of different prizes. Nice job Owen! Lastly the boys got their fortunes told and Anthony K. had the prediction that he is going to be an Olympian. Congratulations Anthony! What a summer we had. Sure we had our ups and downs but I couldn’t imagine the summer any better without this group of boys. Hope everybody has an amazing school year!

Morgan’s Butterflies

Can you believe camp is already over? I know I can’t! What an amazing summer the butterflies and I had!! It was filled with so many smiles, laughs, memories, and fun activities! We started off the last week of camp with Sidney R. hitting a home run in T-ball! Way to go Sid! The ball went way out into the field and it was amazing to watch! I am so proud of you! We then ended the last week of camp with Maya I. showing us her amazing gymnastic skills this week at gymnastic! Your skills are so good Maya! Keep up the hard work!! I honestly can not believe camp is over. I had such an amazing summer meeting all of the girls, and I hope they did as well! What an honor it was to be the butterflies’ counselor this summer! It was one summer I will never forget! I will miss seeing the girls everyday and their smiling faces! Good luck girls in school!! You all will do great! Have an amazing school year and see you next summer! Miss you all already! Xoxo

Alec’s Group


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