Jays Camp


ICA – Week 6


Alec’s Group

Week 6 was a blast with Alec’s group, and Jays olympics is full steam ahead! Dean R was amazing in the jumping events in olympics, and brought his team to a top 3 finish! Way to go bud! In other news, Jacob S earned a gold medal and first place finish in the olympics in the 50 yard dash for day campers. Great job Jacob! That’s all for this week! Even though Olympics is coming to a close and with only two weeks left of camp, Alec’s group is still proving they’re here to have fun!

Josh’s Hot Wheels

It is hard to believe that week 6 is already here. The boys had a blast this week competing against there friends in the Jays Olympics. One of these events was the 100 yard dash and Liav G. earned second place in the race. Nice job Liav! Aside from the olympics this week during swim, Colin G. passed from a green to a red. Way to go buddy! The boys had yet another fantastic week and I am looking forward to making more memories.

Morgan’s Butterflies

I cannot believe that there are only two weeks left of camp! It’s flying by! The butterflies had so much fun this week! Everyone had so much team spirit for their country during Jay’s Olympics! . Amelia B. had the most team spirit for her country! She was so loud and proud of her teammates! I loved the great spirits you had Amelia! While at mini golf this week, Hayley B. got a hole in one! She was so excited as was I! I am so proud of you Hayley!! During instructional swim this week, Carly B. passed from a red to a blue! I am so proud of you! You can finally go in the deep end of the pool Carly! Rest up girls! Crazy Olympics start next week, and they get really crazy!! Have an amazing weekend!

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