Jays Camp


ICA – Week 1

Message from Stephanie…

I can’t believe the first week of camp is over! This week was filled with a bunch of fun activities. For mass program the campers had a blast during Disney Day. They were able to make Disney themed crafts and helped Dory find all of her friends on a hunt around camp. Even though it rained it didn’t stop the campers from enjoying the day! We got to stay nice and dry while relaxing to a movie, reading a story, and making some pretty awesome monsters. Next we get ready for the 4th of July day program! I hope everyone has a great weekend and rests up because we have another exciting week of Jay’s ahead. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at jayscampdaycamp@gmail.com or call camp at (847)-438-2267.


Alec’s Power Team Campers

It was great first week at Jays camp for Alec’s group! We started off strong playing hockey on Monday and the kids were great. Louie R. played like a champ and scored a great goal to help out his team. We also played a great game of kickball on Wednesday and our group was amazing! Jason T. hit a bomb and knocked in a couple runs to lead his team to victory! Well, this was a great week and I can’t wait for more fun times at Jays!


Josh’s Hot Wheels

What a great first week the Hot Wheels had. This week was full of fun activities. Sports camp and SAC Camp went away for a field trip on Wednesday so our unit had the whole camp to ourselves. In celebration we watched the movie Zootopia and read the story I Need my Monster. Also during this week, the boys played hockey and in doing so Ethan N. scored the winning goal to bring his team to victory! Way to go Ethan! During kickball, Tommy P. stood up to the plate with no doubt in his mind that he would hit a home run. Sure enough he did and hit the ball further than any other member of our group. Keep up the good work Tommy! All in all, the Hot Wheels had a fantastic week and I am looking forward to an enjoyable year!


Morgan’s Candy Girls

Summer is here!! What a great first week of camp the Candy Girls had! It was packed with so many fun activities! This week the girls went to art where Logyn K. created an amazing snail! It was just cool Logyn! You definitely are a great artist! When the girls were at swim this week, Leah G. passed from a yellow to a green! Way to go Leah! I am so proud of you! During free swim, Ashley W. went down the slide so many times! She had so much fun! I’m so glad you had an awesome time during free swim! I can not believe the first week of camp is over! I hope the Candy Girls had an amazing week like I did! Rest up girls! We have a lot more fun activities planned for the rest of camp! Have an amazing weekend!!

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