Jays Camp


ICA – Week 5


Message from Jay…

Parents and children at Jays, all our problems our fixed. I can’t believe we are starting week 6. There’s many more programs we are going to do and then much, much more before we are through. 

Carnival, Jay’s Ninja Warrior course, Olympics, SAC performances, American Gladiator, ICA camp treasure hunt are all in the race and every program is designed to put a smile on your campers little face! 

So fasten your seatbelts and take care of yourself and you’ll experience these programs before August 12th.

Kenya, Brazil, USA, France, Japan, and Israel are the countries that please and every camper at Jay’s will march in with their colorful tees! There’s a lot more things that we will vow and I’ve got to go, so, so long for now!

Have a great weekend! We will see you next week. 

Love, Jay

Morgan’s Butterflies

What a great start to the second session of camp! We started off by creating a new group name. Everyone decided on the name butterflies, so now we are Morgan’s Butterflies!! I love the name girls! It’s perfect! At space ball/jump shot, Ananya I. got the ball into the hoop four times! Way to go Ananya! It was so cool to watch her get the ball in every single time! In art this week, the girls made ice cream cones for national ice cream day. Leah G. created the coolest looking ice creams ever! Since it was so hot this week the whole cap went to go see a movie! We saw Ice Age and my butterflies were so excited! The butterflies had so much fun this week, and I hope they have this much fun for the rest of camp! Rest up girls! Jay’s Olympics starts next week, and you will need all your energy for it! Have a great weekend!!

Alec’s Group

Even though we lost some kids last week after the first session ended, the group showed up to play and have some fun in week 5! Joshua K. hit a rocket in t0ball that knocked in some runs and helped his team in a great game. Way to go Josh! In the pool, Louie R. passed from a blue to a white four, making him the first day camper this year to become a white! Great job bud. It was a great fifth week, and with the olympics coming next week, who knows what else is in store for Alec’s group in week 6.

Josh’s Group

Week 5 proved to be even better than week 4. The Hot Wheels had a blast in the different activities that occurred. During swim, Trystan S. was able to do a back float all by himself. So proud of you Trystan! When we went to the rock climbing wall, Ethan N. became the first one in our group to reach the top and ring the bell. Way to go Ethan! The boys had a fantastic week and I am looking forward to many more!

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